A highlight from BK Talks OTAs with Benjamin Allbright


Happy monday broncos country. I wanted to wait until i had the practice sound. And that was middle of the day. And then i had to track down my man benjamin albright side to wait until schedule allowed and with nuggets pre-game game and then getting my kids squared away and then heading down to the nuggets. And actually i'm putting the finishing touches on this. I recorded it at home but then just so you know. It is being uploaded Early in the nuggets game So i don't know the result or anything there. But i knew drew lock was talking today. I knew teddy bridgewater was talking today. Didn't know von miller was talking didn't know garrett bowles until it all kind of gets drowned out. Obviously you talked as well and kind of highlight there. And you'll hear ben touch on. It is just how he's had to manipulate his practice schedule to kind of accommodate players. Want do less. I guess for lack of a better term Just put themselves less at risk if you will and so that that's maybe the biggest the biggest takeaway and then you know how the quarterback battle is going to shake out and ben and i get into that as well so tomorrow. I'll give you a little von miller and we're supposed to have more zoomed so it's probably going to be justin simmons and and kareem jackson. Maybe it's jerry jeudy. Maybe it's noah fant who von miller says favorite player right now and can't wait to see him on. What a beastie is. But i want to hear from the quarterbacks right. It's all about the quarterbacks Until it's not and it almost always is every situation in the league. So let's let's start with drew. Lock the incumbent and he was asked to part question right off the top about how the quarterback competition effects his mindset as well as working with peyton manning but drew really thoughtful answers and I wanna you hear the whole thing. the entire press conference where actually. I don't know if i got to ask a question. In fact i didn't and i took exception to but it was remedied. I ask the first question to teddy so here though is drew talking about the mindset of the competition and getting the chance to work with peyton manning this offseason think being in a quarterback competition and then sort of say if you were to say last year not being in one your mindset does change. It'll come into your key. Dorothy quarterback for this team and that's the mindset. That i have right now. I'm excited to be able to be there at this competition in push myself to hold level that Wouldn't have gotten to without this as far as aden as he can be able to give. His time was worth a lot of to my game with more than i think. I'll ever realizing for him dating do that for me in taking the time on his day to be able to do that a. so subtle things where like i am. More is on on film on technique from guy. That's the best for best for a really long. Time was nice having my courtroom dealer with a couple of for you. How were you able to blackout the rumors of the broncos activity. This autism was stafford. Maybe watson maybe rogers maybe fields was that difficult on no or not no. It was not. Because i decided that i was gonna develop a plan in this offseason really long days but it was gonna be worth every single second of just regardless of what happened if i stay here if i left. It brought someone in My mind so is not going to change wherever i went. I went somewhere a savior. I wasn't the guy i ever single ounce adage that this offseason and being able to do that gave me zero time today will listen all this stuff that maybe one day. I'll go back and read about all the things that were being able being completely wrong. So andrew just a. It's still kinda going on with aaron rodgers right. So are you not even paying attention to that. And then i have to follow up on that. You know that. The aaron rodgers trade rumors. Now we had a great packs today. dove into the screw that we have the last couple of days getting ready to this Played out there now. Now my number one concern was how about play in the senate on stuff yet. Those team who did seven and that was my base saying that was my focus. These last couple weeks. And i get my thing same over these last couple of weeks when the concert and then what anything specific you really work on this off season. I know you talked a little bit about a far. Was it footwork. Was you know reading what. What was it specifically. That you love. Kind of all intertwined

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