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Not qualify for green cards or permanent residency. In a unanimous decision, the justices ruled that would violate federal immigration law, the Justice Department and the FBI report. They have recovered much of the ransom paid to hackers. Locked up the colonial pipeline computer system. Most of the Bitcoins used to pay the ransom were seized. To marshal the resources necessary. It's necessary not only to apprehend and bring to justice ransomware extortionists but also to deprive them of the profits. That incentivize their crimes prosecutor in Orange County, California, deciding on what charges will be filed against a couple arrested for a road rage shooting last month. The left a six year old boy, dad, a gun and a car have been seized as evidence. Wall Street Monday, the Dow gained 179 points, NASDAQ Hey, it's Fred Larson, inviting you to download and listen to the new daily Fox on tech podcasts. There is part of a colorful late nineties iMac on Mars. It's an idea that seems a lot like Kickstarter called Building. This isn't the first time we've heard about North Korea hackers trying to get a leg up on Covid 19, a range that was used for satellite TV service in the seventies. The latest trends in technology, cyber security alerts and gadget news daily. Subscribe and listen now by

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