Here Are Some Interesting Facts About Boomers and Relationships



This i thought was interesting is one of the studies. Talked about boomers being less focused on marriage than genetics. and what. i'm curious about as if that's that more of a general trend for that whole generation or if it's just because now it's like been there done that don't care anymore or if it is more. 'cause boomers were also like the free love generation and so maybe that had an influence on the way they approached marriage then the gen xers kinda swung back. I'm not sure that that's an interesting thing to look at. I read a study in. Unfortunately i i don't have it pulled up so i can't exactly site it but that basically takeaway was that among boomers men who aren't like now again in the fifty seven seventy five year range and most likely have already had a divorce or a couple of divorces at this point men were much more likely to want to get married again and cohabit again and boomer women. Were much less. Likely i'm not gonna take care of you yeah that of the takeaway or the anyway. There's not a lot of women are like. I have already been there done that with like taking care of a man child and i don't want to go there again. Also a study about sexual activity amongst generations showed lower rates of masturbation compared to other generations but similar rates of other types of sex. And that's something that came up. Actually in a number of the studies was just that all of the generations are having sex and that really millennials are the ones doing less of it but just that that doesn't really decline as much with age as i think people tend to think that it does or kind of stereotype is so that was interesting that that came up a lot in these however the number of individuals who report actively dating does decrease with age within the boomers group which makes sense. If you think about from fifty seven seventy five years old. You know that. That's a pretty big age range and it coincides with like retirement like they're kind of bridging that gap right now and so that kind of sense that might be declining with

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