Julie Kelly Pushing the Limit With True Questions About Liberty and Freedom


Coaster on a table. We don't have a constant Normalized, fair and free system of justice in this country anymore. And I'm really stunned that more mainstream people in the media even with leftward leaning aren't concerned about this. Before the break. I discussed Julie Kelly, who has been a very We're gonna have her on the show. Tomorrow Been an entrepreneurial. Just go get him reporter who's been discussing unpopular topics, and we should all be discussing unpopular topic. That unpopular topic which nobody in the mainstream media wants touches. Thank God. Those January six people. Yes, they're sitting in jail forever. Good for them, really. You know. John Adams defended people in the Boston you know, in the massacre. I mean, it's it's what you have to defend. Liberty and freedom when it's unpopular in many cases, because liberty and freedom don't matter if the concepts of liberty and freedom enshrined in the Constitution only apply to one political party. Was that not a mainstream sentiment. They're sitting there rotting in jail. Well, nobody's doing anything about being lemon Antifa leadership out there

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