How to Biohack Your Brain for More Energy and Focus With Tanessa Shears


Be talking all about energy and biohacking your energy and productivity and being able to ignore utilized given things we've been allies to have as much energy to be able to be focused in have increased focus on Thank you so much for joining me tonight. I thank you for having me qassim. It's my pleasure. I'm so excited jumped in today's topic is i am so inspired by some always looking for ways to my energy to lie the Branch and Having utilize brian understand how it works. Then we can have more focused attention on businesses so just to get started. Can you tell us a little bit of back story about what you do you help. Today's at my name's necessary. I'm a health consultant for entrepreneurs specifically and i got into this honestly completely by accident. I used to work as a lifeguard while. I was paying my way through university and i had to teach swimming lessons for hours and hours on end Res and shiver and my supervisor came up to me one day and was like hey. Would you be open to teaching the seniors. Awful fit class. If you don't have to teach somebody swimming lessons. I was like sure. Sign me up so in the process of certified that was like this is interesting all of the stuff about the body and how it works so literally that semester. I walked into my admissions office at university and was like switch majors. I don't wanna be a newscaster anymore. I wanna learn all about the human body. So i graduated as a kinesiology but since then have opened my own business back in two thousand fourteen in which it was just personal training at the time and my clients were grading great results. But i can't stop learning. So i was like what else can i learn so i went out and got a designation as in nutrition and i was like oh this is so interesting. Applied it with my clients that they got better results. So i continued that i started adding in sleep and how to effectively manage your stress and biohacking and my clients getting better and better results and there was one day where i like looked at them. News like everyone is an entrepreneur. What is going on here. How what is this is working so long. You're like well. Nasa irately came to you because i wanted to get fit but now i'm getting so much done in my days because i'm so energized and productive and you know you don't have any carry work over into family time not thinking about it all the time i mean my life again and it's just so much fun that's why does the. Oh this is interesting. So that's when. I kind of a full shift into helping entrepreneurs really like manage their energy so that they can get done more in their day than some people do a week just because we know how to use a a well organized optimize brain.

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