Engineer Your Environment for More Productive Habits by Tyler Tervooren of Riskology


Your environment for more productive habits by tyler to foreign of a scholarship. Darko nineteen seventies. America faced a big problem. The vietnam war was winding down and the troops were coming home addicted to heroin. There was widespread panic and a plan was concocted addicted. Troops would be held until they'd sobered up then send home with methadone. Prescriptions and carefully monitored. For relapses but the plan was never really implemented turns out. It wasn't necessary. The troops came home and for the most part their addictions and reintegrated into society. Less than five percent of them ever relapsed. A simple change of scenery cured their addiction. Decades of follow up research has uncovered. Why the environment you exist in what you're surrounded by has a profound impact on the way you behave different environments encourage different habits. Your habits are a product of your environment. What do you think about when you sit down at your computer to re dream. Oh probably nothing once. You've done something enough times in the same place. Your brain can offload all the work. It takes to remember how to do it. Checking your email seems like the simplest task but it really isn't understand. Why imagine you time traveled here from one hundred years ago. You've never seen a computer. What are all the steps movements and information. You'd have to learn before you can read your email. How long would it take. Just figure out how to turn your computer on yet. here you are. When you sit down at your desk your habit takes over your inside your inbox before you know it. Best the way habits work at the same time. If you're not in front of your computer in your phone is put away. You're probably not thinking about email. You can go all day in fact without a crossing your mind but as soon as you sit down at your computer again boom there. You are reading your email. There's a special connection between the things you do in the places you do. Them does critical to know. If you have a bad habit you wanna break or a productive one. You'd like to start

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