A highlight from Morning Joe 6/11/21


Good news is the parole is on the ropes. Even macho men are wearing masks. Let's don't coach steve. Allston floyd mayweather and beloved starve. The grid iron oj. Simpson don't forget your gloves. And let's colby consuming the nation. It's the perfect time to have a rally. You are rally set for june nineteenth as a celebration rallies gratiot fox and friends off lax. How would these rallies work. You know freight now. There are social distancing guidelines all across the country. I think they'll be full. Rally two four six eight. Who can tell nate. And what about the second wave experts say about. I spoke to our health experts at some life last evening. They are saying there is no second spike. There's not going to be a major second way in america. Where's the second way the left has been warning us about. What's right dan. Joe biden mix up statement within his house. Nope nope down dan. He is trying to steal this election. This is a guy who said that. All mail in ballots are fraudulent. Golly he's lost his models. He's your friendly neighborhood. Conspiracy theorists leave it to democrats to go out there and level these conspiracy theories spectrum at joe biden at this point terms this conspiracy theory conspiracy about that. He believes that you will steal the election. General there everybody knows shirley later go on to other things. Other things are going to walk down to the capital. Never take back. Our country with weakness. Dumb is being in history. Oh

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