A highlight from Inside Euro 2020: Soccers Month of Drama, Passion, and Geopolitical Tension



Sam board is a global sports correspondent for espn and also one of my first friends to travel out of the country since the pandemic i am in rome. Italy getting ready for the first match of the european soccer championships. Friday night at the study olympico. Italy against turkey. And it's going to kick off. What should be a pretty exciting four weeks a soccer. Yeah i wanna frame this up for the people because this is particularly magical thing. We're doing right now sam. Because we're kind of ripping a hole in the space time continuum because not only. Are you in a different time zone at only. Are you in rome. You're covering a tournament that is technically the twenty twenty euros because this whole thing got spohn because of the pandemic and i just wanted to. Have you explain what the euros are. Exactly why they're such a big deal. What is inside of this time machine that we're operating with. It's a great point pablo

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