Rep. Byron Donalds Says We Should Reinvent the System on Market Principles


There's no system keeping you down. There are incidents of stupidity. We should address and racism we should address. But if this institution and system is keeping you down, then how did you become such a tremendous success? I mean, is that why you're such a threat to these idiots on the left part of my language? Yeah. Oh, yeah, I definitely think so. I definitely think that's why and I'd go one step further. I think whether it's mark or myself or our Senator Scott or Burgess Owens or anybody else. You know, when we are out there making our arguments it goes past just Saying that God given natural law and a constitution that limits central governmental power is essential to liberty and freedom. In the prosperity of all people. It's more than that. It's also the reality that we go to step further and saying, if you look at some of the areas where the most quote unquote inequality exists. These are in areas that have largely been governed by Democratic liberal policy for almost two generations since the Civil Rights Act, and since the voting rights Act If you look at some of the communities where the left like talking about, um, um you know, black people having to wait in line from golly amount of hours or people having to wait in line for golly amount of hours. Those are typically in Democrat areas where the supervisor of elections of the Democrat and they, frankly either didn't plan through acquisition of equipment or didn't plan making sure they had additional polling places open to make sure people can vote easily. It's looking at the idea that if you believe that a black kid in America really what it is today, a poor kid in America somebody on the on the on the low end of the socio economic spectrum. Doesn't have access to the education they need. Then the solution isn't to put more money into the same system that has failed people before. It's actually reinvent the system reform the system around market principles because market principles have proven to provide more product and more service to more people at a lower cost to those people. Than any other system on the face of the planet.

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