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Hello and welcome for forever. Thirty five a podcast about the things we do to take care of ourselves. I'm freer in. I'm kate spencer and we are not experts. No we're not but we are two friends who like to talk a lot about serums and this is a mini episode. Where we hear from you. We share your comments and your thoughts and we answer your questions to the best of our ability with one very important caveat that we are not experts we are podcast hosts and we always encourage you to seek support first and foremost her medical and or a mental health professional as needed. And if you'd like to reach us our voicemail number where you can also text us is seven eight one five nine one zero three nine zero and our email is thirty five podcast at g. Mail dot com. And here's the rundown of where you can find us. Our website is herbert thirty-five podcasts. That's where we have links everything we mentioned on the show. You can follow us on twitter at ferber. Thirty-five pod and on instagram at forever. Five podcast and we also have a very big in fund for thirty five facebook group where the password is serums and we have a newsletter that comes out fortnightly has a listener encouraged us to try to say and you can sign up for that fortnightly newsletter at forever thirty five podcast dot com slash new. And i also just want to put in a plug for the official thanks for waiting launch event on june. Twenty eighth and twenty ninth. We couldn't contain it to just one night. It's two nights of fun. Kate will be there both nights. Because i've somehow roped her into And i'll be weighing in from my dad's house. I know i'm excited for this. We'll see how internet does. I'm excited for east coast kate. I'm a different person on the east coast. I'm going to be enough. So i've heard the shoes. Yeah wow okay so if you wanna see east coast. Kate come on over to the event. The tickets are available on event. Bright will put a link in the show notes. There's two types of tickets. There's a free ticket that gets you access to the livestream and there's a paid ticket where you can get a signed hard cover copy of thanks for waiting from friends at book soup. You also get access to the after party where we'll just be hanging. We'll be playing a party game. There might be some audience participation. I mean anything could happen And you'll have access to secure a stuff if you buy the paid ticket so we hope that some of you will do that better. We also hope that some of you will just show up There's something else else. I wanted to say about that church. I remembered what i wanted to mention or at my book was selected as one of apple books. Best books of june will la di fricken. Dr look at you to an apple books. Best book of june author. Okay finally i know i. Finally i talked in waiting for. I have my whole life. I mean i kid but with love. That's really exciting. I'm proudly yeah. I'm i'm really happy So that was that was nice. They tag on instagram. And i was like well. What have we here and you know at the time of this recording earlier today podcast was featured on the frigging today. Show me what is happening. Yeah so this was now. If you're listening to this on the day that the show airs. This was now a week ago but you can check it out on her instagram very exciting. We're chosen as one of their summer pods to listen to what. We're just so breezy in summary. That's why relaxed and casual and not full of panic. Not at all anyone tuning in anyone. Who's like oh this was recommended on the show all tune in and then literally half of this episode today is going to be dedicated to pooping so welcome new listeners. In all we talk about everything here. We really do so anyway here. We are a fun thing. That's happening today is that we are going to kick off this episode with some skin. Care chitter chatter. it's true chitter chatter. Let's not a thing chitchat. chit chat chitter chatter. That's not that's that's like i made that upright firming. That's not a word. I think you i think you did. I did i did that. Okay chitter chatter okay. So we've got some skin-care chitchat. And i really like what you're bringing to the table today dory think you as you raise you know. Just bring a product to the table but you raise kind of a larger question about skincare charge so so take it away. What have you been up to over there in your in your abode. Listen i just always liked to make things about more than just skinny hair. You know skin care is not just skin. Wow i am really hashtag. Blessed to be doing this podcast. Look i if. I'm not living laughing loving. What am i doing okay. So here's the deal. I am really liking. the skin. fixed resurface plus ha renewing body cream a long product title. It's a mouthful. They really wanted to jam everything in there. They were like we just call it the renewing body cream. Make sure everyone knows it has. Aj well wait. What about the resurfacing. Put that into a week. But we have to say plus has to be plus. Wow i don't know a strongly about you. Have some notes on the name of the product. What i'm just saying. It's a mouthful okay as long. It is a lot to remember. Like if i go into a store. I i'm going to be like i want that. Skin fix body stuff looking to remember resurfaced plus ha renewing body cream. Okay skin fixed. Take note dory's thoughts. What and i say this with love. Because i really love the product yet. You know this has become a favourite brand of mine in the last year. I've found their face cream in it. Like their triple lipid face cream and it changed everything

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