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The bill must now pass new assembly. Before the end of new york's legislative session on june seventeenth closer and closer all right. Let's talk a little bit more about that. Chrome browser sarah. What are they doing. Well yeah you might. You might like this or not like this depending on who you are. Google released chrome ninety one this week which ends the idea of only show in the domain name in the address bar of chrome based browsers. Now you might remember years ago. Chrome stopped playing the other stuff. The h. t. t. p. in address bar although it's still there if you're gonna copy the url and then piece somewhere else. So that information is there but it's strips out when you look at it last year in chrome eighty six. Google decided to try what apple safari was already doing which is only showed the domain name. But if you click into the address bar then you see the whole thing. The idea is to help users identify when they might be being fooled with the confusing. Url for example pay pal dot fishing site dot com with the full url. You might glance and see papal but if you only see the domain name which is actually fishing site dot com. You would know. You're not actually pay pels website or hopefully you would at least see it more quickly. Android police noted that google engineer. Emily stark wrote in the chromium. Projects bug tracker that. The simplified domain experiment will be deleted from the code base. She said this experiment didn't move relevant security metrics so we're not gonna launch it. Yeah so i actually liked the concept of it. And i think these companies should be doing whatever it takes to continue to help regular users understand when they're not going to a website that they think they're going to i often times if i'm not sure about an email i'll right. Click on the lincoln pasted in a text document and scrutinized the url to see. You know if it's a little shady and regular users aren't gonna do that so it a bummer that their metrics show that people aren't paying attention to it in aren't looking at it but instead of just removing it. I don't know why they didn't do some type of campaign to inform people about it and for folks to understand that they were doing this on purpose for their benefit. Yeah i think that's the key if you're the type of user who even knows what the address bar is you know who pays attention to it. It looks at it. You're probably type user. Who does what chris does. And right clicks on. Url's and really looks and goes wait a minute. That doesn't say that's built out fishing site like there's there's a selection bias there the the people who are likely to look in the url bar are likely not to be fooled. It's not something that regular users look at. They just click on things. Like you're saying chris. So i'm not terribly surprised that they found out that this didn't make much of a difference. I i sort of get the idea in principle. I used to be against it when they first started doing this. Sort of thing like in safari. Because i'm like no. I wanna see the url but of course change settings and all that if you really need it. The fact of the matter is that that bar doesn't mean much to to most people they just ignore it. Yeah i was with you when it when first rolled around i was like this is over simplification. What did they think. I can't handle the actual string But i probably forgot about it in twenty four hour. Don't i thought about yeah. I think i forgot. Because i turned it off right and i like. Oh yeah i guess i guess actually still does not actually i i use firefox mostly these days but i always have chrome kind of check stuff i had to go in and sort of look at this and be like what is it do. What does it not do. Oh yeah it does do those things. They don't bother me one way or another. Maybe they realize there's a shortage of of fake emails fake links going out so they don't really need this anymore right. Yeah exactly. They've all gone away. Thank goodness yeah. They fix it fix. I like this do positive outlook chris. Hey everybody wants to know what happened. All those bitcoins. The colonial pipeline paid and we found out earlier this week that they got some of them back wall street. Journal's david who has a story about how the us fbi was able to get some of colonial pipelines. Four point four million dollars back from dark side if you recall colonial pipeline did pay seventy five bitcoins about four point.

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