Chrissy Teigens New Apology

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Brutal. New accusations are being fired at chrissy. Teigen right after she apologize for ole tweets and admitted she was a troll amongst other things. Now after weeks of silence chrissy apologize in a letter on medium. She admits her past. Tweets were unacceptable and says she's reaching out to those she hurt. She says i was a troll full. Stop and i'm so sorry after looking at the instagram posts and the letter and everything matches said. Do you think people will forgive chrissy. I don't even know my opinion anymore. Because i've spoken to so many people fish for the show. I'm so turned around to say. I feel like because i really thought about this last night and i didn't even know we were going to talk about it but i figured i feel like chrissy teigen. What she did was completely unacceptable. But i think that chrissy teigen knows what she did was completely unacceptable when i read her message or whatever on medium. I felt like it was really authentic. I felt like she had said i'm going to therapy. I'm doing all the therapy. And i really feel like if somebody who's in therapy prior to going to therapy you have so much that you need to deal with that you don't even realize that you kind of look back at that person and you can no longer relate to the mistakes you've made because you're like i have grown so much. I think that we also just put our celebrities on these pedestals when we don't even realize like these are normal. People from god knows where that are like products of divorce have had their own special promise. That has made them who we are. And we're so used to seeing them with a glam team makeup artist. A hairstyle is the perfect clothes all the time. And they're hilarious and we we've become obsessed with them but we don't realize like this person was just like you and i so the fact that we can just immediately turn on. Somebody's so quickly. I just feel like we have a little bit more compassion. The way she should have had with michael costello and whoever else i think she knows that i just think we with we have unrealistic expectations about celebrities like we think that they're rhodes scholars and they've dedicated their life to the peace corps and like they haven't there in the media

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