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Marine Court legend Gallery sergeant Jessie Jane Duff in studio to talk about Wokeness in the military. Breitbart's Matt Boyle. And a little bit of comedy. Let's start with a little bit of comedy. Joe Scarborough Stand up. Comedian Cut seven I've been going back through my mind. Maybe, uh, maybe you can come up with better week in American diplomacy overseas over the past 20 years in the 21st century, I've been trying to figure it out over the past. Uh, past 12 hours. I can't think of a more Successful diplomatic trip in the 21st century than this one. Let's ask a man who served as a station chief for the CIA. Who knows, uh, enemy behind the Iron Curtain, as was intimately you know him from Fox News. Call around Patriot national security expert Daniel Hoffman. Welcome to America first. Hey, thanks for having me on the program. Always pleasure. So, Dan, it was that in your estimation. Putin Summit NATO G seven the greatest diplomatic coup of the since the 21st century or the last century. Well, No, it wasn't And I don't even think that by the administration would have made that sort of the graduation. The Biden team was really cautioning everyone that that any sort of results from the summit would be very modest. This wasn't designed to be A major reset policy of the sort we saw from the Obama administration, and that's what we got. We got the ambassador's returning to their respective capitals and some discussion about Issues that divide our two nations. And that's about it. And, um, if if you were in the National Security Council, if you were the Russia, you raise the direct. They're all back at the CIA involved in Russia work. What? How would you rate if somebody in any administration came up with the idea that the chief executive should go into a meeting? With either the Ayatollah of Iran, the president of the Russian Federation or China, and give them a list of our most crucial national security sectors based upon cyber attack and tell them please don't hit these ones. What would you say to that policy? Recommendation. Yeah, I mean, so it's a little bit counterintuitive, probably to the listeners, but I guarantee you that our adversaries know all about those, uh, those parts of our national security infrastructure. And I'm pretty sure that Russian government hackers are already they're surveilling those targets and are prepared to launch cyber attacks. We probably spot of their surveillance, so I'm not sure we're giving away any state secrets. The bigger issue for me. Is whether President Biden thought that That by asking Vladimir Putin not to target both sides that he was going to achieve some sort of cyber deterrence. Yeah, you know, and deterrence requires the enemy to believe that we have the will and the capacity to defend ourselves, which we haven't demonstrated yet, And that's really why we've been throttled. Over the past. You know, six months or so, with these massive cyberattacks, solar winds and dark side criminal hacking groups enjoying safe haven on Russian territory. We have gotten nowhere towards stability and predictability with relation with Russian as long as the KGB operative in the Kremlin Vladimir Putin is in power. I don't expect that to happen. Best tweets after the summit is from our body, David Harsanyi, who said biggest loser today. The 17th most critical infrastructure entity in America. I mean, could you imagine being number 17? You didn't make it to the list? The 16 that Biden handed Putin We're talking to Daniel Hoffman. Follow him. Daniel Hoffman, D c. Fox News contributor. Retired a CIA senior Clandestine services officer. You're an expert. You've served in Moscow in the last few minutes we have with you. I want you to paint a picture. Of what it means to be a retired KGB colonel who is a member of the siloviki the national security elite. What is it are millions of listeners and our viewers need to know about the kind of person that Vladimir Putin is. Yeah. Vladimir Putin served in the KGB. He was also director of Russia's Federal Security Service. That's their ruthless security police. If there's one thing to know about a KGB guys that they admit nothing, deny everything and make a lot of counteraccusations until we saw him do that He had the podium all to himself. For propaganda session with lots of hypocrisy and false equivalency. And it was a shame, in my view that President Biden wasn't standing next to him enjoying of President Ronald Reagan moment where he could have called out Putin. For all of Putin's lies and propaganda. We kind of missed that opportunity. With key for us, I will tell you in our intelligence community. I'm sure it's focused on reflections from the summit. How did Putin react to receiving that list of, you know, 16 sectors of our critical infrastructure that he's not supposed to hit otherwise? Is going to face some sort of unknown counter action on our part. Remember the last time we did something like that was 2018 under the Trump administration and anticipation of the midterms when we knocked out the Internet research agency reportedly with cyber command. So you know, that's what Vladimir Putin does. He wanted this summit badly because it elevates its stature and makes it appear as if he can portrayed Russia as a besieged fortress that only he can defend. That's important heading into the September parliamentary elections. He wants his party United Russia to do well, and this helps them And this moment in the press conference that Putin gave first he jumped in the he gave his press controversies first, before Biden gave his press conference after the meeting and the idea that and that we saw the head of state of the Russian Federation, one of our most significant adversaries. Use domestic political talking points against the bind Administration, mentioning BLM mentioning the death of Ashley Babbitt, that Air Force veteran inside the capital on January the sixth. That's classic KGB tactics, isn't it? Oh, yeah, Absolutely. He's a student of the United States, and, uh, he's a student of getting a bit of it right, So he's going to get 90% of the story right? And then he'll twist the rest of it the rest of the 10% to make whatever propaganda point that he wishes to make and again. The answer isn't to shut them down. You know, the answer is just more free speech. But, you know, God bless our free press who did their best to hold him accountable. We really could have used the leader of the free world out there. Hammering him as Putin deserved to be, and it's a shame that didn't happen. Frankly, where do we put Russia in the scale of threats? This is a nation that's hemorrhaging population isn't reproducing as also if you look at it economically smaller than the the economy of California. Nevertheless, they know how to stir trouble. So right now, how dangerous is Russia as a geopolitical, anti status quo Actor? They punch above their weight because Vladimir Putin is an expert practitioner. What we call asymmetric warfare, so he's

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