Would You Add Your Driver's License to Your iPhone?

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Was fifteen is going to update the iphones wallet app and it allow you to add several things including your driver's license or other personal. Id as well as other items including your car keys or your house keys. If they're compatible apple says the feature could be useful. If say you're at the airport you hit a tsa security checkpoint and instead of reaching for your physical driver's license or other id you can just whip out your phone and scan it directly in the newsletter. I wrote about how. I'm really not ready for that kind of commitment on my phone. I thought i already get anxious about losing my phone with what i already have on it. Which is email social media and stuff the thought of having my driver's license and my house keys and car keys and everything else just. I'm already worried about it. And i've not even in that situation yet. The other thing too. Is you know if i want to android for example even though yeah you can remotely wipe your phone and do things like that. It's still feels like there's a lot of effort you have to take if you've added all these features and then you want to switch and then you've got to dial it back Several readers responded on twitter. Here a couple of the more interesting ones besides the ones that suggested. I can't use my phone properly. Which i get it. It's fine it's okay. Twitter user fuser writes maybe step through the looking glass and viewed from the other side. Imagine if you lost your driver's license wouldn't it. Be nice to have it in your iphone while working on getting a replacement yes. That's absolutely convenient. I i like that idea. Another really interesting comment from johnny red beard. People have been carrying around that same information in one spot for a long time. If a lady leaves her purse somewhere she probably lost her. I d house car keys credit cards etc with an iphone. Worst case scenario. You just erase it or remotely. I totally agree. It's very convenient. It can be very useful in situations like that. I just am very i. I feel like this comes up a lot technology where we love the convenience but then we sometimes forget about the were surrendering lot of ourselves to these devices. And i think that's a matt where it's like. I'm i'm not ready for that type of sharing of my information yet with my iphone

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