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Hello everybody and welcome once again to the gym. Brock meyer podcast. I'm your host former major league baseball announcer and the man you may have seen during the westminster dog show advertising genital safe peanut butter. Happy to get that gig. I'm jim braude. Meyer here again. With my co hoshina died how you doing shannon. I'm great brak meyer. I'm really enjoying this Whole sticky stuff drama happening in baseball right now. Have you been paying attention. Oh you know. I have speaking of genital safe peanut butter. There's other sticky stuff in the news. Two yet garrod. Kohl's press conference. Did you see that where they asked him if he used the spider attack stuff. Yes ridiculous and hilarious. The longest response that meant. Yes that i've ever heard my life. Perhaps that's ever been known to man. Plus he spent the first ten seconds completely frozen like how. Are you not at all prepared to answer that question. You would think anyone who cheats has got a lie prepared for if they get called out. Yeah well my wife. Didn't oh boy really jim yes really. When i caught her railing my neighbor she acted almost exactly gary cole- same awkward silence. Same mealy mouthed response. Same fingers covered in mysterious sticky substance. Yep got it got a chimney ass. How i know i know the story. Yeah i know you know she knew but most some might not know for those who don't know pitchers have been using sticky stuff to affect their pitches for years upon years. That's what a spitball was. Or they'd use pine tar sunscreen but now they using this This spider tax stuff that was designed to help weightlifters lift boulders. It's like super molasses and it's making balls spin more to the point where they're basically unhittable so now offense in baseball is way way down. Can you even imagine how boring baseball has to become for people who love baseball to acknowledge that it is in fact boring. That's what the mlb is trying to do. They want baseball. Just be regular boring as opposed to extremely. Wanna kill yourself boring and i think that's a noble endeavor and everybody should get behind it and i mean i can't argue with that well i kind of wish you would because i'm putting off the show but i guess we should get started as much as i hate to say it here. We go boy here we go. I guess today is a man that i've known for many many years. He calls every single sport from baseball to football to golf. Leaving almost no jobs for broadcasters like myself yeah his voice it's literally everywhere from the world series of the super bowl to my very own nightmares. Ladies and gentlemen it is joe buck. Welcome joe hey jim. I'm so glad to know that. I haunt you. I didn't realize that i was visiting you in your sleep. Oh joe i can't shake you. I've had so many diseases. I couldn't shake and i consider you on your the my disease hall of fame. I am the human version of gonorrhea for you. And i'm happy to fill that role more specifically clemencia get older. Yeah that's an interesting twist. It's a painful one for me but having here it's an absolute pleasure and i mean that in the same way. That pain can be pleasurable. Joe i wanted to have you here like i wanted to have my testicle crushed by a high heeled shoe. You're like you're sort of a podcast to me so thank you for being here. That's leaks to me. I mean that's such a. it's so vivid. The whole dominatrix world is one. That's always fascinated me and the men that are involved in that. I'm glad to know that you have the a working reference for that i. It doesn't surprise me have lived at joe. I've lived every angle of it. I'm a dominant and submissive. I can have a great time just with myself on a whole weekend. I don't need anybody else but as usual. Joe i got a bone to pick with you. Let's start. I always do so. Let's just start right off so earlier this year. Okay you went on colin cowards. Podcast yeah you told everybody that the reason you and troy aikman have so much fun and chemistry when you call. Nfl games was because during the broadcast. You'd occasionally drink alcohol. Remember remember saying that. Oh yeah sure. Yeah i that led to a lot. And i'm in a lot of click bait headlines of people being like. Oh joe bucks unprofessional. He's drinking on the job. And all i have to say as joe you stole my shtick. You stole my gimmick what is admitted. Basically that your secret to success was ripping off. Jim braude meyer. All you're missing was a plaid jacket and my unique barry into clemencia there for many into it. You don't have that do you. I don't know. I know. I've not been checked for it. I've been checked for kovic. Four hundred and thirty one times over the past counter year but but not any strange variant of clemencia. I will say this though. The difference between you and me is what people said. And and you're right. It was click bait and this was a handful years ago. I have the ability to take a couple of sips and stop now like it's kind of a mental trigger to me that. Hey i'm just. They're doing a game. I send a runner Either go get the biggest beer or whatever. I just like that in front of me to go. Hey relax and have fun now for you. I don't feel like you have the off. Switch like i feel like the runner would likely just run him or herself right into the ground going back to the concession stand over and over and over again and eventually you would talk about your cheating wife and get yourself in more trouble. I just take a couple of six. I'll keijo all right. I yes. I do i get drunker than you. But that's just because like with broadcasting. I'm better than you at everything. Okay including getting drunk. But i you know i didn't steal your shtick joe. I didn't steal the thing that made you successful. Like i never tried to kidnap your dad and making my father. I didn't do that.

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