A highlight from Big Suey: Gambling with Cote and Stugotz


Signs like that guy. You just trust them. With flora's angry i think they've built up a lot of credibility they have. I really do And it's just him it's just flora's greasing voters while though like i feel like it's like i give floors i know you're right. Greer's probably doing lots of stuff and he's not bad at his job but for some reason floors is the moment we're right. I mean they haven't. They haven't been perfect last year in free agency. They signed to running back. We will absolutely fizzled for the most part. I feel like the most part. Yeah abbott grid in the. He's done a good job. Stockpile indies draft picks. Though actually had yes they're going to have eight first round draft picks and a four year span. Though be twenty to twenty two was a mistake. They'll be able to fix it. Yeah sure see that. The charm offensive for to continue. Stand marino giving it. Looks amazing. looks incredible this too. I'm telling you man people are trying to tell me that too good. Wow waiting to see it. Wow see it. David samson over here so many little linked to see i mean wasn't good last year and everyone's trying to tell me that he's good which i you know. That's kind of an indictment on the player right. I mean well. He couldn't work out with his receivers. That's changed this year. Chris corona virus. Ever heard of it quickly. You forget the pandemic chris. Yeah chris skeptic chris simms called. It says it's over. Herbert is slumming. I think. I think these are two different conversations. One is will herbie better than two. I agree with that but can be a really good. nfl starter. That that's the one that i'm kind of more concerned with. Because the herbert things gone like herbert's amazing like herbert. I think will very quickly be the best quarterback in the league on the alchemy saw in rookie season. Jesus god one year. He's really good. I mean has never had a rookie season like that. You kidding me. I mean it's it is wildly impressive. Yes it's in the marino class of off the record takes here. You'll be the greatest quarterback in the nfl chance bill. I was told by someone who wouldn't know that. Brian floor is liked herbert more than two. So take that for what it's worth that's why he's the sixth ranked insider in all the football nationally and internationally. My brother hardy and he goes to people who were not in the no. I love that. He told me it was a rumor. I said you know what good enough for me. i'll

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