A highlight from A Winning Start For Les Bleus



About. Why don't you pick out a player in the box. Sometimes it's just about smashing a ball across the front make defenders face their own goal and hummel's just couldn't get out of the way forty four. Th minute pogba and ruediger get caught up here. Don disinvite him. A solo does savvy. But it's a weird wanted to try and gauges e being aggressive. Paul but didn't like of course and it's a hard one to say read red. Is it not vote dive into that a little bit more later. On fifty second minute. Adrian raviol- from point blank range off the post. Craig yeah well. He was more comfortable in his life fulltime across degrees and it would have been a simple topic then. The volkswagen porsche says picks up a good position on it. Just doesn't get the contact that you would want on still unlucky kicks into the ground. This is incredible. This is just incredible. Takes your breath away. This thought in real time. I thought that was in real time. I don't see thought about someone's restrict you see this angle and in the end. Yes he takes a little bit. The uncle who gets a piece of the ball referee and he doesn't get the ankle. I now i'm good without good questions about homeless coming in his pace and obviously against him. I mean everybody's worried about pace so they see it Germany was sixty one percent of the possession but france with the three points as they get off to a good start in group f with a final score. Victory one nothing over germany in munich for more. Let's welcome in the aforementioned guests jurgen klinsmann and

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