A highlight from 06/15/21 DPS Hour 1 Mike Florio


The time for defense organizations to harness the power of the cloud is now discover how you can leverage cloud solutions to advance your mission at part three of gd it emerged 2021 tune in virtually on june twenty third to explore how cloud enables mission partners to modernize it platforms and integrate new technologies. Anytime anywhere here. From top leaders in government and industry to learn how to cloud is evolving away the dod defense assets supports the war fighter gains tactical advantages register today at gd it dot com slash emerge jervis. Masters was sentenced to death thirty years ago in season. One of your governor. The podcast. The california supreme court reaffirmed. His death sentence read. Y fro is because i didn't try to in season two. We'll follow jarvis as he does newly appointed legal team take his factual claims of innocence. To the ninth circuit court

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