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I've got the vets. Ceo and co founder of new cortex behind viral reface. He's probably one of our two part interview. I'm chain charge. Dima so what is reface race is unique up an ecosystem which actually helps you to us you know. Swap faces in leader gibson follows really foster inequality and like hollywood production quality and to get great results. Tomase your friends relatives and actually be like finding a better small teams sticking corey days. Right right i can say personally. I've just tried it. I tried it a while back. I put my face on so besser. Salone and dr evil pretty visiting it happened pretty quickly And you know it's an amusing app uses. You know what. I would prefer to his deepfake technology. I'm curious Because i know this this has really exploded last year. I think it topped the app store. last fall. What was it like riding that that viral wave in and really how did it ramp up to that level popularity. Yeah i have several on sonora jerusalem so we prefer to name reface faceswap app to avoid any misunderstanding. You know like Defects as we don't deal with porno fake news so and actually we want people to use your face to create unique content and communicate so it's super important for us. that is why we all came bots We want to build something bigger than just faceswap but guide in how we got. Famous kind of being on the map of apps was really interesting. We started to develop our technology like muslim two years ago. It's a it almost going staff and gans generative adversarial networks mess with how we train her own networks and it's a lot to make this you know super high quality faceswap. Maybe you helps have heard how our story started so we. I made a facebook technology for those and the first sign of product market sheet wasn't ulan mosque actually found out technology. He faced swapped his face. Food to train. Ron johnson and he tweeted so it actually went super. Yo when's two guys doing right. Seen we believe in what we do have even dealing he now. What happened next week continued to developing on when this was as we need to have this super high quality faceswap tech video because we even though we understood at that time. That focus is not enough. Juice is good. We tested our technology shifts. But everything is going to video. You know the short form of of making context and being relevant yet not being like and in june your goal year ago in june. Twenty twenty with developed this sophisticated tactful. His weapon in us. We actually found this formats of brahmos which people liked him. They used it to use videos. And it's actually went viral because it was new and you might say eats it actually was overlapping with covid butts. Call it was lena. Like an accelerator of gross. People were tone but what is more important people. Oh influencers on people and instagram. Facebook in general is elegant. Some context yes and to make specific content. You team in the team to create this content to modify to actually boston. And here you see they use case where you can just click one button and you had the remarkable result. We should can boston your social networks and this is our wild and once for example miley gains all up. She actually made a lot of faceswap boston stories yet. Actually manager who's cartel investment leber from maverick dot com. He came and told guys. We need to make something outstanding thought about college away reduced so actually that was. Why a loop because miley super expensive in terms of your in terms of plans marketing. But she did it like for free. The saint was breathing. Richard spirits yet. she boston. She liked it so people god's tool to create outstanding experience to abuse the friends that people's audience not dependent whether he justin bieber all like so. That was eight accused sends. It's wild luke benson benson. We grew super fast. And has it has a business model work. Because you're taking hollywood content right like like i said when i when i put my face on so slow and it was a clip from rambo was one from From austin powers. That was in. Do you pay for that. The licensing for those videos has that work to be frank. We appreciate your you know. Young startup. And i would work that we have you see mostly and means that most of the content is actually uploaded by users. And but but it doesn't mean that we are not more forward interactions working wisconsin halls for almost a year we're communicating with the biggest labels in music like u. n. g. Quarter like sony communicated with the biggest you know content haldorsen movies like war their amazon prime and others and see actually the lead from fall like lloyds or on streaming platforms like cool and trying to get nets leaks negotiate how we confused and not in the current state and reface but now we are not conflicting with business smaller. Yeah like great markets in avenue for promoting their existence. You content so most of them. They come to us like his promise for amazon. Prime laura to amazes freaking movie for warner they came to us. The market teams told you have unique audience super highly engaging sharable content can do great stuff it like while the republic and a lot of music bands. They come to us for example intel. Let's do some stuff and actually the same was justin bieber. Yeah that's how scooter braun. Yeah who is the manager of justin bieber and you guys. We need to make some architects relations and that was super while again and scooter. He's all investor as well so we have a lot of this building. You know the pledge from future but in the meantime we are super excited to try to partner with content holders not only based on the marketing in excavations but to see our our application is a blessing revolves into social and how we can work with content hogwarts and right now like the the content there. Most of that's uploaded by users you don't you don't store the I'm just curious if there is a liability or legal issue with the platform using a lot of copyrighted material as the foundation for a law. These faceswap of fix super good walter. Rodgers actually i We had not star in any data Point but from the perspective of You know doing that So there is like youtube to has to check. it's a big platform actually validates which content is arthritis. Whether it's not in all case we all in on the safe harbor provisions what it means for example if some label because different densities for example. We make marketing dictation. Those people are happy but there is another stuff license guys and we all. His friends was like universal music group center for example if somebody from their content holders tells guys are there might be some corporate richmond. Yeah within the platform. What's what actually should we do. And we are acting like. Was it safe. Harbor jimmy say procedure so report. They point was content. We actually finds this content and

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