Everything We Learned About the Bitcoin Mining Council


In december elon musk. Michael sailor started tweeting back and forth a bit. Bitcoin were already in the modality of companies. Adding bitcoin to their treasury and sailor had already emerged as one of the top evangelists. Of course this got tongues wagging at the end of january. Ilan changed his profile to read bitcoin and tweeted. In retrospect it was inevitable in february tesla announced that it had purchased one point five billion dollars in bitcoin and that it would start to accept bitcoin for payment for vehicles. Bitcoin cheer and our bags. Rejoice as we're rocketed up the next leg of the bull run but it wouldn't be a good story without a dramatic arc. Now would it almost immediately. We saw the downsides of ilan's involvement to go right along with the upside of price. Those downsides included one the alignment with an unpredictable twitter user. More likely to show those than to do. Anything that bolstered bitcoin and to the scorn and condemnation of the legions out there who dislike elon that second category includes many who profess to care about the environment who basically view tesla or ilan himself as a great green washer. In retrospect it's pretty clear that tesla's involvement did more to ratchet up a focus on bitcoin's footprint than to alleviate concerns about it by the end of april a new concern tesla had sold ten percent of its. Bitcoin alon profess that it was only to demonstrate the liquidity of the asset to stakeholders. But it was still jarring by a month later things had gone really sour alon announced that tesla was pausing sales of bitcoin due to environmental concerns w. f. the collective cry rang out. Do this guy seriously. Just learn about the environmental footprint of bitcoin. of course not what's far more likely and commonly accepted. Is that behind the scenes. There were serious pressures pushing tesla any lana on the bitcoin. Question for example. Es focused etf that list tesla who because of bitcoin

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