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Sponsored on WSB By MARK Spain Real estate get guaranteed offer on your home today to mark spain dot com 5 48 Turnbull of the Sky. God, we have multiple lanes blocked, but they're down to a right leg affected the problem. 20 last year, the landlord Street exit 54 western mal area. And while also brought to check this problem and consider late now too many five South the auto do that Hollowell exit 12 big backups with that just unnecessary, annoying back up from 25 of the act word almost the whole way along 75 doors. People gawking for no reason at a car way off in the graph that's correct above played road eggs into 78 that light below Just a little bit of 5 75 north, rolling to Woodstock. Mark McKay gold recovered your traffic centre. Let's get you rolling to Gwinnett County from the cab and that slow stuff we're seeing on the jam camp Approaching spaghetti junction. The bumper to bumper battle continues out past Indian Trail Road. If you're continuing up toward them all of Georgia, you're in slow traffic 85 north old peach trees in 95 95 looks good up to Gainesville and no concerns as you leave them all of Georgia after Brazelton 3 16 eastbound slowing approaching. Sugarloaf Parkway, 400. The southbound lanes are worse than Dortmund. The work zone and slow exiting traffic. Has you jammed up on 400 northbound approaching Peachtree Parkway Highway 1 41 exit 13 triple team traffic 95.5 WSB. This has got slayed with the market update from my friends at my island. If you're looking to buy a new home, you can't afford to wait any longer. You need to make sure your finances are in order and get preapproved

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