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Publicist because the unloading all their secret. Day on daily pop. Marketing are joined by actress. Singer and syria monogamous jennifer. Like that guy that how freight's sunkissed and ready to go here. I think haitian luck. You're giving us jaylo vibes today. One thousand nine hundred. That kind of can get this party started. Let's start with some kevin. Hart he just admitted he talks to his kids about the scandals in his life including the one where he cheated on his pregnant wife. Oh now kevin toll romper you have to talk to your kids about it because it's going to come out and some of them were cool about it and some of them are not my kids understand who their father is and unfortunately there's a gift and a curse that comes with that. I don't know because we all grew up differently. Yes are you guys talking to your kids about the trials and tribulations going on in your life like cheating scandal. I think if you're in the public eye and to his point it's going to come out. Your children are going to read about it. Their friends at school are going to bring it up to them because their parents are talking about it. I think you do have a responsibility to sit down and say this is what's happened. I own this mistake. Learn from this. Don't do what i did. I think that if you're going to be in this business you can't just brushing under the rug because then you're gonna have children at home. There are confused. Don't know what's going on. I think you absolutely i for me. If i'm in the public eye. When she's old enough to understand which. I will be i will. I will speak to her about it two. Yeah been through a lot with your marriage win. Do you think you're going to have those conversations with your kids have to have a conversation about. We always talked about before we got divorced. It was conversation like we. We obviously have to tell. The kids is the last thing you want is for one of their kids to tell them and be like wait. What mommy daddy. Why and so. I think it's just one of those things where you have to be honest with your kids. I think timing is really important. Obviously you want to do before. They know how to google. Worse thing for them to to see like oh you know this. This happened the misinformation that comes with that you want them to have the most accurate reading of what happened. I mean it's like i kind of think back. And i'm like i don't i want them to be like i trust my mom and dad and like thank you for telling me instead of being kind of blindsided like we. Daddy did water. Mommy like i just. I think things super upfront and honest with them. An appropriate age is is good off. You're you're reading. Whatever underneath the rug grew up in a black household tradition. Kind of guy and this rug has been passed down from generation to generation side. Feel like. I got a sweet. Because i grew up with with knowing. They're grown folds business and here's children's business but they are mine but you're not going to talk about your feelings or what else i feel like my mom cross those barriers win. It was not only appropriate. But when i was going through some of the same things like i had heard through the grapevine that certain things had happened in my mom's life and she never talked about it but when i was old enough and i was going through and trying to figure out relationships and miss it was like well you know. I've been dreading this day. But i think you should know this right so it's such and such what happened and this is how i handle the feel like she also had the option to not necessarily tell you about my way that like me like tabloid. You had a baby or a child. That was old enough to understand what was going on. And you had some sort of scandal and you didn't bring it up to them and they came to you one day and said dad what happened. You slept with the mailman. What's going on everyone at school talking about it. You at that point. Just say. don't worry about it. It's folks fifteen and a half. Call me in three years so we can converse. I just sometimes our kids way too much and we expose them to too much. And i go back to. I'm having these open conversations with my children about this this. Listen it's first of all some things you won't understand until you're older until your relationships like i just can't give you this information because you aren't going to know how to process it. Are you doing it for. The kids won't even talk about not like we're not gonna sit down and be like this is what happened on this day and this is how many people this happened with. It's like this is just daddy made some mistakes and but we still love it. It's just having the conversation having a general grasp and understand all the details. You're seeing exposing your children to too much. I mean there is. You do have to take into consideration. How old your child is how much they're able to process. Like i think that that's a really mature and you said there's a time and a place for everything people exactly like. When my daughter is in her twenty s i might indulge in a few more information if she asks but it's again it's that's not my story to tell it's max's but at the same time it is. I don't think they need to know all the details exactly because also for you as their mother. You want them. Your relationship with your husband is different from the relationship. You want your children to have with happened right. Sure what. You're hurt. And i will never hurt my relationship like their relationship. You want them to my dad dad. So it's like. I never wanna like battery anything. Like sometimes people unload and feel like they need to tell their kids or their family things to make themselves feel better. It's almost the repent repent tour for sure. Your kids that need that and you think of course i wanted to be like i would love to say like stuff to my daughter right now. But that's like the wrong thing to say like you have to still be happy and parent. Yes and that's not. That's not the right thing do so it's like you. Don't tell them those kind of detail and to be fair. You kevin hart once had this conversation. You don't wanna. I don't wanna have these conversations which i'm not going to have to have but not gonna i'm just saying it's just not a choice really honestly you're not wanna i don't wanna be divorced like things to i don't want to have this conversation. I still love my acts. Like i don't want to be like in the situation like i. I hate that like this will be a conversation. He probably hates that he did that to his wife. And hopefully they'll still be together. Now was like my dream with my is that we like this happened but we're still together now. The story is different. And that sucks. Well kevin hart is going to be here tomorrow. Daily pops so set your dvr. It's you do not want to miss it and maybe we'll get into some of this. Yeah now victoria secret clipping it's angel wings and getting a modern makeover. The company vase a lot of criticism for only featuring thin models in the past. Now they are rebranding would women of diverse sizes and backgrounds who are known for their achievements instead of their bodies. Two of these ladies are priyanka. Chopra and soccer star. Megan now people are divided on this. This rebrand is happening. What do you guys. Think the.

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