Episode 112: The Start-Up State Meets The Start-Up Nation - burst 1


Don't. We don't usually talk about era zona on this podcast but it's It sounds very interesting to me. And i really want to share what you've been doing with my listeners. So let me get to my First question would have been active in politics finance business israel advocacy name. A few of the hats. You've worn how all of that experience lead you to be. The founding director general of the arizona israel trade and investment office will of all. I just want to say thanks for having me on and more importantly i've been a fan of what you've been doing and in a way It's very similar in in many respects. Would you've been doing is building bridges between The united states and even beyond and israel maybe through taxes but beyond taxes. It's about relationships and people and you've been creating those connections For decades and this is very similar The viability and the future of our state in israel is going to be very much dependent upon term. i call economic zionism. Which almost the next wave of what's critical. Which is ensuring that. The state of israel and our economy has the sustainability and capacities and relationships with with partners and allies and friends around the world. And that's how we're going to ensure that israel's economic viability economic capacity is shared. And so that's why it's it's really important to build these kind of relationships if anything. The pandemic has shown us that when people can't get on a plane and they can't travel they can't make their own relationships having these kind of almost ambassadors or or relationship builders between entities and states is critical but the idea is is all the credit goes to the governor of arizona whose Who really turn the state around. Many people i hadn't heard of arizona as a place to do business they thought of arizona just like people hadn't heard of israel as a place to do business. They thought it was. The you know the the holy land and a great place of of spiritual significance but most people if you would ask them in the seventies and eighties wind up said israel's the place to do business but this country turned around the same thing happened in arizona. Thanks to governor ducey which is in a way he refers to the state of arizona as the startup state and israel the startup nation. So the idea that there are two states who share an understanding of the importance of of innovation and entrepreneurship It's really a natural natural relationship. So he he really wanted to set up this trade office and there's only one other country in the world where arizona has a trade office which is mexico which is its largest trading partner. And so the idea to build a bridge between the state of arizona in the state of israel His with these state with with the assistance. Of course of sandra watson. Who's the ceo of the arizona commerce authority who's the leading economic development engine. And so there's been. Arizona has has emerged as one of the tech centers And that's starting to hit the wires everywhere. And if you look if you just do a quick google. It's the fastest growing population in across america. maricopa county in arizona. Is the fastest growing county across america from both the population sampling and also from an economic standpoint and so people are recognizing whether they're coming in from california and fleeing the the heavy burden of regulations and taxes Or whether they're coming from other

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