A highlight from Hour 2: Rodgers' Passive Aggressive Comments

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Match of our europe. Tripleheader begins denmark battle belgium at noon and we kept the afternoon with the netherlands. Taking on austria all euro matches can be seen live or later on the espn app and welcome back together. I've coming from you live from the seaport district in new york city brought to you by chase cow lot to get to including a lot of football. I can't other guys. They're all here but first let's get to it and we say good morning because it's time to get up with that store flop in philly. The sixers fans are sick over a crucial collapsed against the hawks and embiid and company say their season. Plus no no problem paul. George lifts the clippers over the jazz taking the series back to la and where potential gets paid. Who would you bet on for the better year. Lamar jackson baker mayfield. Our experts weigh in on that and more as we get up right now and we will start our so with the nba and the performance of the night and it came from the jazz clippers game and that man he called himself playoff the and he proved it. We take the third quarter game tied at sixty nine. The drive there for george giving a. The later in the third. Finding marcus morris senior for the three clippers up six and then paul george himself takes the step back three steve bomber fired off puts up by nine going into the fourth now in the fourth quarter jazz down. Joe ingles with the steel and throwing it to the stifled tower. Bronze it down test. Cut the lead the six now next jazz possession. Middle the top drive there for the puckett. End the fouled. Yes says spider. They're getting closer but under three minutes to go terrence mann but slam on the stifled tower. Taking it to defensive player of the year later clippers. Four and paul george square up and hitting the clutch side. He had thirty seven points. Sixteen rebounds five six bomber thrilled. So is paul george and the clippers take game five without kawhi one nine thousand nine hundred eleven and then there was the comeback of the night and this was a huge one too. Well i'm beat in the sixers hosting the hawks in game five first quarter sixers up seven and embiid was on sinking the three pointer from the top of the key six ten next possession and bead against clink cappella and finishing with talk shot. Sixers up sixty to forty at halftime. Beat had twenty four at the break. Third quarter hawks. Down twenty six in transition. Ben simmons finding curry who drains three sixers led by as many as twenty six points in the third quarter one hundred and sixty five an hour before this game when they're up that much in a game but guess what happened. Trae young getting double team. John collins the stock hawks get within eight hawks down for just over two minutes to play trae young with the horror. The hawks within two they could actually win this game. One thirty left hawks down to trae young drawing the bow bowl getting caught there. He made three foul shots. Under a minute to go down ari the clutch jumper Look at sixers fans and embiid at the line to ten seconds left miss the earth route and the second hawks overcome twenty six point deficit. They win at one zero nine one zero six. Here's trae young doc rivers. Fourteen

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