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Those three lanterns bring up so many images. Some from the adverts eighty some of people thanks the all a death sentence oh we can catch from also things. Really the case spoiler. It's mostly why living with hiv. Massive chunky have equality of life. That's what we're looking at this episode. Special guest unsung. You're listening to the keep more noble radio show helping you. Transform your deepest fears into your greatest strengths. Is your host a little welcome to another episode and this episode ferrick pleased to be joined by gen when bundling don sidelight mcdonald was born and raised in a quantum village near pulse with mom at least two systems. Down became a successful young musician of an educator. She was introduced to the steel palm instruments a secondary school of the many years before we all over the uk turn over fifty countries multiple tv appearances performing at concerts and venues like the wrong allow. Oil oil festival even performances. Numerous times royal goes second. Move to london. The further devout musical career and that was very make john and settled down into a new life in london. Time not joni leave to stop his own businesses becoming via walkout and wellness excellent public speaking. And also you largest business network while still have strong passion. It's not something down does mostly for laugh of music and not relying on. It's a minka now. Hiv talkative today's of hiv wasn't something that giving any consideration to that. He's today he finds himself speaking by hiv more and more based on his experiences living with it now has the ability to empower others to see that it's not necessarily a death sentence anymore. That's winds with with today. He to speak about his journey and to the south some of those myths. Hey john how you doing. So high cave is so glad to be here. Thank you for inviting me to come into with your love the audience. I'm great very excited to hear good. Yeah thank you so much for taking time to chat to told us about. It's it's a very very personal on topic. And i know a lot of people will be able to a lot useful information from this guy. We've heard you buy. We've heard the i've by the laser. Thanks eight the old. The notch chaplains. Who is dan okay. So i am a creative lead person. everything about my of my boss screams. Creativity from a touring and performing to composing and arranging music to Just everything about me always involves creativity even when started at my was more More enthusiastic about the creative side in the developing stuff than i was about kind of the nuts and bolts of eight. So that's still runs through me. The creativity still runs through me as i said like music is something. Now i do for the love more than for the income because A twenty five years in the music industry and a lot of musicians end up relying teaching on education to provide a an income and education for me is not my is not the place that best suits me the best place to my energy so just a little bit more about about my stories. When i moved to london was probably the most impactful and the biggest change that have made my life so i moved to london in two thousand thirteen. I literally it's like it was like going back. Ten years in the past in a new place It was like i was a young man again. I was living on sofas and moving around from house to house. And i was picking up all these little jobs in schools not the main intention for moving to london. I'm picked up a specific job in chisel has which is where i live now and it was on the way. Down to chose from tottenham london. It said they're on the opposite side. So i was living in north london and traveling down for wack the first real job. The i go a london felt like an eternity away. In in terms of distance. It felt like a million miles from where i was living and just to make matters worse it was strikes on the day i

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