Apple Updates AirTags Over Stalking Concerns

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Hither listeners. It's brett molina. And i'm mike schneider and welcome back to talking tech apple just released its new. Bluetooth trackers called airtags and it looks like the company has already made. Its first big update. So apple has updated airtags to improve on privacy measures after concerns were raised that the bluetooth trackers could easily enable stalking apple said it's going to shorten the period after which airtags separated from its owner will play sound moved. So here's how it works on my test these out a while back but basically what it is. Airtags has a feature called unwanted tracking. And if there is a foreign air tag that you're not familiar with its in your possession. You will get an alert now. If you have an iphone you'll get an alert right on your phone will tell you. But in the event that you don't it will basically after a certain period of time. The air tag itself will beep to alert you that it's in your possession. Originally time period for that was three days. You could go several days with the air. Tech's separated from its own before beeps. They've changed that now to shorten it. So now the sound will pop in anytime between eight and twenty four hours after the trackers been separated from its owner apple. Said it's also going to roll out an android app later this year that will detect an airtags tag or other apple device. That's connected through. It's fine my service and that's separated from its owner and traveling with another user. So what was the big reason for this change breath

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