A highlight from Ep 433 | Healthy Body Image vs. Unhealthy Enabling | Q&A


Hey guys welcome to relatable. Today we are doing a q. And a. episode. You guys sent me some questions on instagram. I am going to answer them. Sound theological some cultural some political. I'm very excited to get into them. I question that we've got. How do you deal with a husband who has turned away from the faith. So you married a guy. He said he was a christian. You were both following the lord or you both thought that you were following the lord when you first got married and then he decided that he was no longer going to be a part of the christian faith maybe his faith was never genuine in the first place or maybe he is just going through a season of dallas season of spiritual turmoil season of temptation and the lord is going to bring him back as his wife. Obviously your desire is that he knows christ a not just so that he knows joy and hino's peace and he knows his sure today but also so he is with god for all of eternity for people that we love. That is our number one desire. That's our that's our number. One goal is for them to know the gospel for them to be reconciled to the holy god who made them. So what does the bible to say about this. The bible does talk about not being unequally yoked with unbelievers that we don't believe that we are as christians to marry someone who is not a believer marriage is already hard. It can be hard because life is hard and you go through seasons of difficulty seasons of maybe tension seasons of some kind of your life that can make marriage even harder than it already is. All kinds of relationships are difficult. But especially when you are in such close contact with the same person every day you have an intimate relationship with them. You know everything about them. They know everything about you. You notice all of their ticks. You know their habits and you know they're hangups. Of course marriage is going to be hard because it's the wedding of two centers. The bible does tell us that the that love covers a multitude of sense and we also realize that as christians we believe that marriage is a covenant bond matthew nineteen this in matthew nineteen and answering a question about divorce he says what god has joined together let not man separate and of course he does give some reasons for divorce but still we understand that. It is a commitment that we make to another person through thick and thin. That is why we believe that it is. That's part of why we believe that it is better than it is right that it is obedient as a christian to marry another christian. Yes of course you may fall in love with someone who is not a believer but the feelings of passion in all consuming romance. They must a healthy way transition into a steady kind of commitment kind of love that yes sometimes is emotional and yes very often is passionate but more often than not is actually a choice that you make to be committed to that person to love that person as you love yourself to choose that person over and over again and so from the beginning we do believe as christians that a christian should marry a christian that having that foundation of christ is what makes the weathering the thick thick and the thin possible and not just possible but joyful and glorifying and worth it now if you marry a believer and then say a few years down the road or say a decade down the road something happens and they have a crisis of faith and they say you know. I don't know if i believe that anymore. What do you do or maybe you married someone. when you are not a christian. He was not a christian. You became a christian after marriage. He did not become a christian after marriage. And of course again you're chief desire is that they know christ and that you have that is reflective of christ the church as efficient five. Says you want them to know the joy and the freedom that you have now found in christ. The bible actually speaks to these kinds of situations in which the husband in particular is not a christian but the wife is first peter one three two three likewise wives be subject to your own husbands so that even if some do not obey the word they may be one without a word by the conduct of their wives when they see your spectacle and pure conduct so the fruit of the spirit coming out in your life the fruit of the spirit that is defined by glacier of spirit and respectfulness impurity that we see articulated in first peter one that kind of conduct that kind of behavior the bible tells us can be used by the holy spirit to win over a husband to christ. I don't think that means that you don't share the gospel. I don't think that means that. You don't articulate that which is true but what this passage is saying is that by being a godly wife. That is first and foremost submissive to christ in also in a respectful in a healthy way subject to your husband on the to actually make a really good case for the gospel. Now i know for though the view listening. Maybe you're new to the podcast or you just have a difficult time with that word. Subject to submit. Trust me i understand.

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