Breaking Through the Male-Dominated World of Tech With Jo Lambert


One of the things that i think we we both know. And many women no is the lack of women in executive positions It's finance especially in technology. So what would you say you did to cut through that technology ceiling. I should say And really thrive as a leader. So one thing that i think's really interesting about actually all of the women in in technology finance and other industries that are predominantly male dominated. I think the thing that really is most interesting is. It's not one thing that defines or creates the opportunity for you to be out of cut through. It's it's a series of decisions and the various people that you meet that you interact with that actually ultimately shaped my experience in a in my and looking at other other colleagues and other women who have been successful they share similar stories. You sort of can create these different opportunities to loan and try new things. And i think there's a couple of pieces that contribute to that one is creating that Network of trusted advisers and supporters. Who you can bounce ideas off to is not being afraid to crowd source for ideas and recognize that you most things that you encounter at work actually in life someone else's sold before so one thing that i i wish i'd learned earlier. Is that power of crowdsourcing and the power of asking people how they solve problems like whether it be making a decision or getting a job or asking for an expanded role or responsibility all the way through to handling challenging. Hr problems or you know difficult relationships with teammates and things like that so i think that building that network is really critical and being confident enough to utilize it and as i said a crowdsourcing is something that i learnt probably about ten or fifteen years ago. I wish i'd done it. When i was younger.

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