A highlight from Conversation Design Festival - Hans van Dam, CDI - Voice Tech Podcast ep.085


Hello and welcome back to another episode of the voice tech podcast. My name's karl robinson. And today we're gonna be talking all about conversation and in particular. The conversation designed festival. That's coming up soon at. Today's episode was recorded on the second of june twenty. Twenty one where. I talk with hundred. Damn the the conversation design institute now. I'm sure most of you already know hans. it's actually the second time he's a pit on the show first. Time was way back in january. Twenty twenty episode fifty one. A lot has changed since then both in the world off conversations zayn and at the compensation zayn institute which was formerly known as robo copy as is noted on the the previous episode in case. You're wondering today's episode. We cover a lot of stuff. So hans explains what conversation design is an defines it We dive into some of the latest trends and topics in the world of compensation design as well as what's changed in the business. It gives us some examples of case studies have companies that are doing a conversation design well and also she has His experiences vast experience training compensation designers including the of go into what the crib benefit is of You know Learning this stuff. In a structured manner and and doing a course We dive into costa cdi products which include a range of different courses. And we hear all about the new courses coming out and hans tells us all about the. Cdi foundation that he's no set up with the pot and the companies that he's working with in order to define the standards of conversation design so so important. Of course we dive into the details around the compensation design festival which is all happening on june the fifteenth Features an all star lineup of ai. Trainers conversation designers conversational copywriters technology vendors. An nba taylor. The focus is on the enterprises who are using compensation design in that companies getting results. So this really is the focus of the of the conference. And that's what's so exciting about it. We're gonna have all about their learning journeys their experiences. I'm really excited for it.

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