Ultimate Summer Pasta Salad Recipe


Is my recipe for penny pasta with corn shrimp and avocado. So you're going to take one and a half cups of penny pasta. Penne pasta works really well with this. You know pasta. There's lots of different shapes. Obviously but penny works really well with this one pound of fresh shrimp cleaned one half of an avocado one cup of fresh corn. No if you can't get fresh frozen we'll do but fresh is available now so check it out. And if you're anywhere near pennsylvania check out our delicious fresh pennsylvania corn three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil one fresh lemon one clip of garlic parsley taste. So just about a small handful of fresh parsley. You're going to chop that up now. This ingredient is optional. A quarter cup of dry white wine. Salt to taste peppered its haste You're going to boil the water for the pasta when the water comes to a rolling boil at the pasta and cook it according to the directions on the box. I always tell everyone when you're buying dry pasta. Usually the the company that makes it knows exactly how many minutes that pasta should cook to be al dente. Of course you have to taste because not everyone's Electric ranges or gas ranges. Or whatever you using to cook this on are all the same so you know even though it gives you a time to cook the pasta. Make sure you taste the pasta before you take it out of the water but the pasta should be al dente. Cut the avocado into small cubes and place it in a dish. Of course you're going to appeal the avocado and take out the nut in the middle. Then you're going to cut it into small cubes. Place it in the dish. The lemon juice is squeezed. That on top of the avocado does not get brown. You're going to set that aside. Clean the shrimp plays two tablespoons of olive oil in a saute pan and Heat that then. You're going to place in the shrimp that has been puled in clean and saute for one minute. I'd in the white wine saute that for about four minutes you know not too long because shrimp can get rubbery and until all the liquid has just about evaporated. You're going to remove that from the heat and set that aside. Drain your pasta. By this time. The pasta should be done. Drain the pasta. Well at the pasta into the saute pan with shrimp ad in the avocado cubes. The fresh corn another tablespoon of olive oil. And you're going to toss and serve this immediately while it's still warm

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