Biden Offers Tax Deal to Republicans in Infrastructure Talks


President Biden continues to Dicker with Senate Republicans on how to pay for his one point seven trillion dollar plan to rebuild the nation's infrastructure president Biden meets again Friday with West Virginia Republican senator Shelley Moore capital the GOP's negotiator with the white house on the president's infrastructure bill Biden has proposed a fifteen percent minimum corporate income tax because of Republican opposition to returning corporate taxes to the twenty eight percent level they were before the trump tax cut press secretary Jen Psaki that certainly doesn't violate anything about the twenty seventeen taxes so that's what he's putting forward as as an idea that he's asking them where their point of view as sucky as one thing is certain no user fee increases as proposed by the GOP we're not going to go down the road if user fees or other areas that would raise taxes on the American people it's not certain if Friday's meeting between Biden and capital will be in person Tim acquire Washington

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