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Endless honeymoon podcast. I'm your host natasha. Jarrow and i'm doing the weather moshe casher and it's really great to be here. This is a great to be here. It's exciting time only because we've been well you know it's morning so we usually record in the evening. We have some special guests today. That were only available in the morning right right. Well one special guest in particular. We have one special guest yes. Natasha wanted to have this person on. Because well i think one very influenced by ramdas your spirit person. I do not believe that the only things that are real are the things we can literally see and feel like you do yes. I'm over things that we can't see that you think are real energy. You can feel energy. You can feel vibes. Oh interesting. Oh like how i feel like toxic energy coming off of you. Sometimes when we talk do you know i don't talk. Don't you take me through your spiritual regimen. What are some of the things that you do to in your day to day life too. I think the hard thing about saying stuff like that. Is that when you answer. It's your answer for an ideal day. Yeah we'll tell us about you. Know what i mean because then you listen people. Oh really you get up at five thirty every morning till two tickets to your ideal. Spirit day. I'll tell you want me to take the mind. Yeah i wake up you sleep in. I wake up at four forty five to go out. So i go outside. I toss the chickens a bit of feed. And as i'm doing that i'm reminded that the chickens and i are both in the same strain of what life is they eat as i e they walk as i walk. Am i more than a chicken. Or am i just am i am. I developed chicken myself. Then i walk. I walk the stone path and remind myself that just as each stone life in the paths so to dwi line the path of life. I go upstairs. I do my abolitions. Ablutions what i mean. I think is the word that where you like Whip your back. no. I wash my palms. My mission is has to do with water. So i washed my palms my temples and the bridge of my nose and then i take off the outfit that i'm in. I put on linens. I'll light a lighter frankencense. Sometimes i'll light a bit of palo santo. I drink a light. Tincture of iowa. Huska out of a gourd. I for not drink. I high hoste and at this time. It's still only five forty five right at this point. It's about five five. Then i put on. I do sound bath. You start doing your job breath. I do yes i do. I do monkey breath and put on some. I do a very light. Scintillating sound bath do then. I'll take the linens off. I do another round of ablutions jerk off just really quick to get a busek fatty little nutty. Masha and then put some tara. And i'm ready to rock. Well it's funny that in all of that. You don't have any time for your child or the family to help us get ready day. That's more spiritual path is that i i put on my daughter. Well i mean. I think that having a spiritual routine in the morning is something of a luxury when you have a toddler and you know you've got to like get her out the door drive her to school pack. A lunch put sunscreen on her. Make sure she has extra clothes. Make sure she's got her mask. Make sure she has the right shoes on. Make sure she has water. It's just like a lot of a lot to do. The sounds hard. I've done those things. Because i am one of the parents of that child. They referencing everything. I just said though i usually our daughter tabitha. I usually do everything daughter. Tabitha let's remember tabitha. Titus take tesche. John tash take us through your real ideal spiritual data well like my day is always better if i can get up at like six thirty. I did that today. Yeah but that means. I have to go to bed at ten thirty. And then you kinda roasts me the whole time now. Here's why i wrote into tasha. It's not that she goes to bed early. It's this she self conscious about going to bed early. She thinks it makes a square so rather than just say to me. Hey i'm getting ten thirty. Isn't even that early. It is but rather than just say to me. Hey i'm getting tired. Let's turn the movie off or whatever we're watching off. She will pretend that she's awake. But i'm hearing. I'm audibly hearing her sleeping. That thing that like droopy did in the cartoons with a cartoon characters sleeping in their lips are like a feather coming off of your mouth and then and then Sometimes i opened my eyes and your face is exactly in front of me. And you're like or you sleep. You know who you have to blame for that you and you know why you gas lighting. I feel gasoline. Because you're saying i'm not asleep. But i know you're asleep and your gas lighting and it's actually honestly sexist. Okay well anyway I don't have much of a great spiritual practice. I like to get up at six thirty If i do that then i make coffee. And then i'll go upstairs into my own little office space. And i have a little altar there and i will do some different meditations. I really like a chanting. what is it secret. No well the transcendental mantra. I was given. It's supposed to be a secret. i don't mind. I don't know why i know that was always. The weirdest thing about transcendental meditation to me is that they're like this is a secret and it costs three hundred and fifty dollars. A but i when i took it i. I don't respect those rules. i'm gonna conic last. And i will tell you what minus let's rock on guru me he said rock on so that's rock on and then there's also a when i went to the ramdas Retreat he that he likes just like with the little beads just chanting rom which means love but it's also his name.

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