Creating Sustainable Practices for Marathons and Road Races


Back to that flight. That you're taking for your race. Here's a little context. The average american is responsible through their household activities and consumption for about fifteen metric tons for thirty three kilograms of carbon emissions annually. Globally that number drops by two-thirds to just about ten thousand kilograms on average per year per person. So that gives you a sense of how our lifestyles here. In the developed west correlate to the amount of environmental harm that we 'cause compared to most other people in the world so one long-haul round trip flight say los angeles new york or new york. London causes about two thousand kilograms per person per flight. And that single week or we can. Trip is now responsible for about six percent of your total years worth of climate impact if you're tracking with the average if you take four flights on average per year now that's about twenty five percent of your entire footprint with just that active flying in it's about eighty percent of the total years worth of impact if you're tracking with the global per capita average so flying is a privilege and it's a luxury and just because we love it and because it's come quite commonplace Doesn't make it any less. So and driving to events is quite a bit less carbon intensive than flying so then it would start to depend on how far you go and how often you go in your car So what can be done races. Are they're precious motivation. And they are incomparable experiences. We want races and we're not willing to give them up nor should we at the council for responsible sport. We are strongly. Advocating to event organizers for the normalization of a point of registration carbon offset option. So that's where we're saying. Runner should be given the choice to opt in to pay a few dollars into a fund that will be used to invest in a project that captures stores or reduces climate changing emissions elsewhere. So for concerned individual. The hard truth is that it does mean becoming more and more choosy and considerate. About how often do you utilize air travel and offsetting emissions when you do so the takeaway is email or post on your race. Facebook page asking not if but when the carbon offset option will be incorporated into the registration process. I happen to know that the trail renting community is getting on top of this and there's actually movement to have trail running be climate positive sports so carbon-neutral within the decade.

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