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What's your prediction for. The the clipper series. I think the clippers will win and seven. But i have your still sticking to it all that you're saying like milwaukee was down to and it's like oh. This is a bad match up for them. Like the clippers are down to and i'm like they've lead. They've had the opportunity to win both games in the toughest road environment arguably in the nba. So the style of the clippers matches up fine with the jazz the bucks. Just don't have enough ammo. They don't match up and their best player. Can't hit a free throw late. But i watched the clippers. And i'm like be doing. Oh yeah so. Let's not go to start to go crazy on this okay. Well let's talk about the other. La team there were better situations for andre drummond than the lakers when he signed with them last season. But what they could offer was a chance to start alongside superstars. Lebron anthony davis and according to mark stein. That's exactly what they did. The team reportedly promise. Drummond is starting role to secure his commitment to the team. He's now a free agent again and they'll have to make another decision on the future. Now this is going to be a really interesting off season for the lakers. Couple things to remember libron turns thirty seven in december. Anthony davis hates playing the five as a true five. Yup also trez mantras. Herrell may be on his way out because he was in frank vogel so if you have member two years ago. They had javale mcgee dwight howard. They're both gone could be gone. Anthony davis hates playing the five. We said we did this a week ago. Andre drum is the one could go either way guy. If he i can see andre drummond sticking here again he could be a liability against a lot of teams because he's a non three point shooter But there is a tristan thompson component. Lebron lebron want somebody into the rebounding dirty work and drum to top five six rebounds in the nba. It's gonna be interesting. It's gonna be fun to watch all right. Well the rams made a big move to bring in matthew stafford this offseason. After just a few months of collaboration sean. Mcvay said he feels like stafford is making him a better coach and is very happy with everything seeing from his new quarterback. When you listen to the different coaches. He's been around experiences he can draw. He's a wealth of knowledge and being able to get his perspective with so much that goes on at the quarterback position. It's been really enlightening He's got a great consistent energy day in and day out he's going to raise the level of play of everyone around him Guys are gonna play well around him and and our job as coaches is going to be able to help. Bring out the best in these guys. Well he's you know what matt stafford gets and every pro athlete deserves this. So he goes to a lousy franchise and the best he can but just think of all the upgrades he gets better. Coach better align better running game better culture better defense. I mean it. It's really brand new stadium. It's really great. Like yeah he is. And i'm not i don't care about mvp awards. But i've said this for years. I've talked to scouts in the league that have said for years. He's got aaron rodgers talent. Aaron just got supporting people that he's got as good arm. Is anybody in the league. Remember aaron rogers. Junior college matt stafford was the number. One highschool quarterback in the country and went to georgia and started right out of the map was more naturally talented than aaron rodgers. Erin has had great. Oh lines non chaos support good coaches so stafford now gets what aaron rodgers gets a real culture real protection real running game so it's going to be very interesting. Yeah because i can remember saying this years ago. Talking to gm's they said stafford's everybody's talented but you'll never know it because there's not a single thing as scout me this years ago. Those names something. Matt stafford could rely on in detroit. He couldn't rely on a running game. He couldn't rely on a coach he didn't there was nothing matt. Stafford could go drive to the stadium for ten eleven years ago. We are great at this. The rams had the best defense in the league arguably the best young coach. Cam akers is a star running back. And i would make an argument. It's a top three receiving corps. So matt stafford is gonna finally get an opportunity

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