A highlight from BOX335: Dungeon Dudes And Dungeon Dames


Unexpected as the lid and wash asleep. You're inside the box oddities. Got back from the dentist how to go. I know you've been agonizing over the prospect for a week now. yeah well I had had several appointments that i had cancelled over the past year. Because you know things were weird there for a while and endure anxiety. There's also so Yeah yesterday while i was going in i i made a tiktok about how i was waiting in the parking lot. Just until my my body said okay. We're we're all ready and it's amazing. How many people were like gosh. I'd do this to and to someone commented something. That is exactly words. That came out of my mouth while i was in the dentist's office. Which were what. Ruby may ninety nine said. I sat through three hours of tattoos session. And i can't handle the cleaning. Yeah i don't know i'm the same though. I can sit for a tattoo like champ. But i get into a dentist chair and i start to feel all like buttery in my is really. Wow i feel that i get that. I think it's just there's something about people touching my teeth. I don't like it sure now. It's inside it's inside of inside inside of me and you're touching me with metal scraping thing right. Please don't do that. And sometimes you know you can feel them like really going out with the scrapie things and you're like if you slip i'm going to. You're going to slice me open. It's go right up through my nasal cavity and give me an involuntary lobotomy. Or like mummification. Style start young my brain and then you'll never be able to follow up on your tiktok account what with a punctured nasal cavity and no brain. It happens what you got for me. Zealand is a large island. That's part of denmark. It's home to the capital copenhagen and in the viking age in this region. A drag me a narrow stretch of land. That ships could be dragged up across k. It can also mean a small stretch of land and in during this time period. The waters of zealand were very dangerous. So it was actually safer in some cases to drag your your boat across these stretches rather than try to get around the island now prior to the damming of lama ford which i had to look up. There was a narrow stretch that connected the rest of zealand. So now we know that that's called a drag that that stretch that you get your there are do i was. And then there was. Built drags home slot or drags home castle which i don't know why castle came out that way because i was trying really hard to say. Drags home right came out call hustle hustle hustle them like karl carlin causal also. That was a good one anyway. And so this drags. Home castle was built in twelve fifteen by the bishop of roskilde as a palace imagine does the residents of nobles and kings and because it was built in twelve fifteen. It's one of the oldest palaces or one of the oldest castles in denmark during the middle ages. The building was modified from its original palace state to being a fortified castle. Well good they didn't make condo's that's good right or pave paradise and put up a parking lot hate when they do that. I now i also do not like that song. While the counts war which paved the way for the re formation of denmark raged this happened. In the mid. Fifteen hundreds drags home was the only castle of zealand that withstood the armies of count christopher who supported the catholic king christian the second until the election of christian the third deposed him then in the sixteenth and seventeenth century. Parts of this building were used to house prisoners of noble rank. The prisoners were assigned to custom cells built to fit their crimes actions and the nature of their behavior toward the king of you or a particularly nasty. Then you had a particularly nasty sell wonder what would determine one sell more nasty than the others I think that it would depend on a lot of things i mean. I'm sure that you've come up with some ways that you would think room was nastier than another room. We certainly have a system when it comes to hotels. Yeah if there's blood splatter we're not saying we're out listen. You gotta have standard that one room. We went in and the carpets were soaking wet. But only in one spot. I didn't even wanna know. Oh anyway james hepburn the fourth earl of both well and the third husband of mary. Queen of scots was prisoner. In drags home during this period. The matt squire dealer. Broken house was also imprisoned in one of the cells. Bad squire matt squad. Love that name. That is the coolest old-timey name. I've heard it's pretty good one well. During the wars against charles the tenth gustav of sweden an attempt was made to blow up drags home castle as the place was in ruin then the king as part of his payment of outstanding debts gave the castle to a grocer a grocer. I can only imagine that. Maybe the position of grocer meant something else at the time. Like i know i'm not sure exactly But he got a castle grocer. It's a neighborhood grocer something funny at our house We don't know how this started available at your neighborhood grocer. We say that a lot and also if you're being particularly lovey-dovey or something. I'll be like don't be a neighborhood grocer

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