How the Evangelical World Turned on Itself

The Experiment


The day after joe biden was inaugurated. Thousands of people gathered for an event. Calvary chapel an evangelical mega church in southern california screwed group. Jack cheese as what happens when you keep your church open. The pastor at calvary had invited the conservative provocateur. Charlie kirk to speak to the congregation after trump left office. My goodness it was hard to watch yesterday. it was this congregation. Is exactly the kind that the political operative ralph reed dreamed of all those years ago. A powerful church community took its role in politics seriously. Part this church registered voters this church mobilize people in the evangelical world. We're trying to figure out what went wrong. And who is to blame and if every church was as involved as this church especially in this last election things would have looked a lot differently. This part was not exactly ralph's plan. Though the evangelical voting block that he had united was starting to turn on itself pastors. That are coming out and they are saying. We don't like the whole culture work christianity thing. We're not going to get involved in this election. When kirk had a message for everyone who sacked this election out grown way too comfortable as a christian in this country you've been weighed sue part of the mainstream culture weights you part of it.

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