Elizabeth Warren Spars With JPMorgan Chase Head Jamie Dimon on Overdraft Fees


The nation's top bankers taking some serious heat today on capitol hill see. Jp morgan citi goldman wells. Fargo morgan stanley and bank of america. Kicking off two days of testimony before congress. And if you wanna taste of how things went down. Check out this exchange between senator elizabeth warren and j. p. morgan ceo. Jamie dimon mr diamond. How much did j. p. morgan collect an overdraft fees from their consumers in twenty twenty. Your i think your numbers are totally inaccurate but blessed temporary public. I also want to point out. We did not overdraft. Can you just answer my question. John anymore than over and how much in fact to jfk mortgage collect an overdraft fees from their customers in two thousand twenty the number. I don't remember in front of me. I actually have. Non exceed three billion dollars. We waived the fees for customers upon request if they were under stress because cove it. But you can fix that right now. Mr diamond will you commit right now to refund a half billion dollars you took from consumers during the pandemic. Not pretty

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