Prayers That Get Answered


God didn't give us the power of the holy spirit so we could just do easy stuff. Come on he gave us his power so we could do his will and we can do whatever god asks us to do. Through christ who is our strength. I can do all things through christ who strengthens me. One more scripture here matthew eleven twenty four th through twenty six for this reason. I'm telling you whatever you ask foreign prayer believe trust and be confident that it is granted to you and you will get it now that you know about a four part series right there. So what's he saying you ask for it. You believe in the spirit you got it and then you will get it. You say that. I comes faith then come site i you believe. Then you see in our society we say well. I'm not going to believe it if i don't see it. But in god's economy we have to learn to live the exact opposite in the word. It's the will of god if i ask god foreign. I believe that he's sending it. And that i will get it and i'm going to stay firm in my faith until i see manifestation. This is what faith is face the tidal deed the proof of the things that we do not see that we hope to obtain and we haven't i buffet david. I signed the contract last week with an architect. Who's going to design something for us and we made a down payment now. I fully without any doubt expect that woman to come up with the plans. But i haven't seen

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