A highlight from Chronicles From Kiawah, and The Stage Is Set For The Let Them Play Classic

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Once again i am at whirlwind. Golf club in chandler arizona. You find folks are in south carolina at the pga championship. It's been a hell of a ride Speaking of pga championship. Owens mixers. I saw is. Is that the official transfusion of the. Pj jim that was happening right now. Fell it's correct. That's correct so people have been drinking their transfusions here on kiawah island so much so that they actually sold out of the first day at a at the practice around so that was something And they've just been all over the place people who are cheers ing transfusions owens mics mixers transfusions to us while we're inside the ropes. They're out there at the bars and stuff so and we also have a meet and greet and what. We're calling it a watch party right so they sent us. You have a meet and greet and i've been using that term and every time i say to someone it makes me want to jump off a roof because just like. That's the most douchebag everything of all time to say we have a meet and greet frankie fuck umbrella just stick to fucking filming pizzas but but we do have a watch party. We watch party tonight when this podcast comes out in charleston we're going to be at uptown social so that's gonna be sponsored by owens mixers. I can't tell you how. Many owens mixers are going to be flown at that place like are they prepared for that. When i tell you every single person that this golf course is coming to that place. Tomorrow i will admit a thousand people doing that. They're coming tomorrow through legit like we're not even like saying that to pump up the event or whatever we obviously want people to show up but the amount of people who have we have run into who've been like oh we love the podcast. We love barstool all that immediately after saying that they're like and we'll see you tomorrow uptown social where like. Yep we'll see they're they're going to be thousands upon thousands of owns transfusions. Drank tonight when you listen to this. Podcast at town social charleston. Ooh good good. I'm glad i I i hope he's gonna be properly dressed for that. A transplant renault had his face is going to be just read burnt. Frankie's walk around all over the place with a hoodie on what's You know once you guys a pro. I've figuring it out you starting to home in here on the proper fire a lot of people they do wanna come in. Watch some golf with us that we're gonna watch the islanders game so i'm actually bringing alpha change all right so i've got. I'm gonna go something casual. Maybe just a a transfusion. Line quarters from peter millar. I'll probably wear that in jeans and a hat. And then i'm gonna put on my islanders crew neck sweater for the game. Come seven forty five so once the golf is over. The quarters of comes off. The islanders sort of comes on and we're going to be ready to rock. Tomorrow is going to be quite an event for people around me The fact that. I'm watching playoff game. At the coliseum from charleston south carolina inside a bar as we drink transfusions is something that's going to be new to me and i will lash out. I will probably hurt people's feelings. But i want everyone to know right now like that. Don't take that personally. This is a really good. I've been waiting for my whole life rigs. We're trying to figure out a place to go to dinner last night where he could watch the game and where we get something to eat and after you know debating where to go for. I'd say a solid two hours we and by we. I mean me decided to be better if we just stayed in the house where we're staying so frankie didn't lash out irrationally when you know potentially when islanders give up too early goals in the game and then he's just angry the whole time so tomorrow is gonna be very interesting because we're going to this watch party and frank is going to be a public while watching the islanders. I don't know what's going to happen. I really don't know i'm excited. You gotta confine him to write a certain space typically for these moments because you obviously don't act With type of rational thought behind it but yeah you're kind of forced anyone tomorrow. And i imagine the footage will be good. I you know look i. I don't think anyone's safe really now. That i think because if you if they're if they're playing well you're going to back fist-bump hitting crazy playing terrible you might be throwing beer bottles and transfusions mistake i was gonna say. I made a mistake early on in yesterday's game we were talking about brock nelson. He was he was out there playing. And i said oh he the captain of the team and apparently there captain is out for the season and i was like i'm dead. I'm dead the rest of the game. I'm just not gonna ask anymore to beat to bring up. Anders lee like as the puck is being dropped. That's like our biggest adversity of the year that we have to play in a playoff run that we think we're gonna go really far and without our captain and our main first line You know that that that to me that is that was gutless as some people say and i won't forget that ever gets tomorrow. It was not on purpose. And i really after that. I felt like the guy at the party. That says how much are touchdowns worth like. I really felt like such an asshole. That i tread tread carefully the rest of the way and you know i i usually am able to hone it in a little bit in public like i feel like at some point. I'm able to like become a normal person with the islanders. That's kind of an exception. Like i don't i haven't been able to wrangle it in and i do know there will be some drunk. Is that are going to try and get under my skin if god forbid. The islanders are losing that game. And it's like i'm going to get frustrated man like hundred of millions. You don't be like well. I'm gonna fucking murder talking beer bottle so i'll end up in jail tonight with it is uptown social four. Pm charleston south carolina.

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