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Like the The adrenaline junkie that like the adrenaline chasers like sky diving. You know what? When you hang up when you hang them up, you could jump over whatever mountain you want. I don't think it's on the reasonable. I think it's fairly inbounds. I agree it is. It is dangerous and That is, the last thing they need is cooperate for him or another player. That's of that value to their team to go down playing a different sport. Absolutely not unreasonable at a bounce. Are you in or are you all right? The Mets lead the NL East despite being only two games above the break even point they got a big blow to their world Series sold. Yes, they don't extend Noah Syndergaard is coming back from Tommy John surgery, was trying to felt some pain in his elbow during rehab. Now the team's gonna shut it down for at least another six weeks. I think what I've read, you know, people, maybe more connected to the Mets. Forget about more like two months. No structural damage. But skipper Louise RoHaas discussed the news after word got out the stuff, you know, but he's good to hear that there's no structural damage in the UCL. On that This worked with the six week without throwing and We pray that he can pitch for us this year. Okay, So here's the question Take. The Mets do need Syndergaard healthy and on the mound if they want to win the world serious this year. I mean, that's a presumptive question, because they mean I don't think they can win the World Series this year. They're one of the few teams is leading baseball right now. I think the only team It's leading in division of baseball that has a negative run differential because you know you always look at this my negative 11 minus 11 when teams like and on the Padres or plus 80 going, I mean, and so I guess the answer's in bounds, but they're not winning the World Series this year. Listen, I like the Mets more than you do. Keep in mind. They haven't had to Graham. He just came back the other 90 through you through Jan

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