Osaka Won't Talk To Press At French Open, Citing Mental Health Concerns


Body of tennis, the Women's Tennis Association, said that they would welcome dialogue today with the one of the best players on the tour, the world's number two player. Naomi Osaka. She made a decision Tom to boycott the news conference at Roland Garros for the French Open, and she's saying the nature of the questions negatively effects. Her mental well being. And so she understands his fines like you get fined. They have rules. You have two players could be fined up to 20 grand for skipping a media conference and she's cool with it. She said. She's okay with any sanction. Um, you know, she's she's you know, she made $55 million over the last year. So he's doing okay? Yeah, she's doing okay. Um, and she's used her platform in the past, You know, to highlight issues that are important to her. She's talked about police violence. She's talked about racial and inequality. Um, And she basically says I'm not going to the her argument is is that the questions are often times the same questions that she's been asked many times in the past. And bottom line is the questions, make her uncomfortable and make her doubt herself. And she finished up her comments by saying, I'm not going to subject myself to people that doubt me. And there's been.

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