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Welcome to The Eric Metaxas Show. Would you consider yourself smart, insightful, precocious, astute, clever, wise, beyond your years, and good at checking a thesaurus for synonyms? Well, then you've come to the right place. Here now is the handsome, attractive, striking, gorgeous, and quite frankly, breathtaking, Eric Metaxas. Hey there, folks. Welcome to the show. I like to call today Tuesday. Hello and good morning. Because yesterday was Monday. Yesterday was Labor Day. And so if I look confused, it's a sign that I'm confused. It's hard to get back in. So it's nice. It's a nice, you know, you get, you know, it's almost done. We're almost done. We're almost on Friday. So listen, we have an exciting guest. Well, two exciting guests. First of all, in a few minutes, I'm speaking to Jacqueline. I think it's pronounced Jacqueline. We're going to find out. There's a new film coming out called Mother Teresa and Me. I'm going to see a screening tonight of that film. But we have the woman behind the film, not Mother Teresa, the other woman behind the film with us in a couple of minutes. Very exciting, honestly, to get her here in the studio. We also have Father Pavone coming in today. That'll probably be our two. He is the head of priests for life. He's a hero. And I want you to hear what he has to say. We've got a lot of other crazy guests coming up this week. I won't mention it. Chris. Yeah. I do want to say. Oh, yeah. Thank you. Right. Two, three things, three things before we get to our guest Jacqueline. First of all, our food for the poor raised. Thank you to all of you who gave because without you food for the poor couldn't do what they do. And you didn't need to give just because I hectared didn't need to to respond. Most of you didn't respond. There was some congratulations in resisting my siren song to give food to the poor people in our hemisphere. But it really is. I just want to say I'm grateful to those of you who stepped up. God bless you. Thank you very much. I want to say that even though I'm tan, don't don't let that fool you. I've been working. Really? You have a you have a rating writing deadline. I'm working on a sequel to my book letter to the American Church and writing books. And really, even the last part is very hard. And so even though I look tan and rested, it's a lie. Well, the tan part technically is true. Yeah. But I I feel it's not as easy as they say, huh? Well, you can just put it in chat, GPT and say write a sequel to my last book. Yeah. No, it's so it's been it's been I ask your prayers, those of you who pray, because it's it's hard. And letter to the American Church, by the way, is, you know, I say it is I say it genuinely humbly, like I know it wasn't my idea. And so you have a particular burden when you feel like God wants me to say something. And to some people, that just sounds crazy. But here's the irony. Those people are crazy. But the fact is that it's the book has been resonating tremendously around the country. I get notes from friends who say somebody sent me the book, you know, and I want to mention two things. First of all, letter to the American Church. There's a study guide. If you order it, you can see whether it's through Amazon or Socrates in the city. There's a study guide that goes with it. If you want to do it in a home group or something like that, continue the conversation, because people will read the book, they get motivated, and they say, Well, what can I do? What can I do? And they're usually doing it in a group will help you kind of figure out some things you can do. Secondly, there is a documentary film. Now, I know I've mentioned this before, but it's true. A film. documentary I shot my part in LA at right at the end of June. Directed by Michael Bay. And there were exploding churches in the background, slow motion. It's doves. It was beautiful, right? Yeah, yeah. It's kind of kind of Transformers kind of. No, it's it's a documentary. You did shoot in Hollywood based on letter to the American Church. And with this documentary, we're trying to get the message out to people who don't read books. And you know who you are. And shame on you know, but seriously, the idea that this is being turned into a gorgeous documentary. It's gorgeous. You've seen parts of it's like it's so so beautifully done. It's really exciting. And it's going to be screened in a few churches as a kind of a promo. So I'm going to be traveling around the country. But it's it's very exciting. And it gives me hope for the country. Because as you know, if you know, the thesis of the book is that the American Church is in the same place that the German church was in. At the beginning of the Nazis rise to power, we know the German church did not stand up and do the right thing in time. And as a result, evil took over that nation. And I really believe that we have an opportunity in this country, if we're willing, if we're willing to step up and understand the gravity of it. So I'm hopeful. Um, I should say also, Chris, before we get to our guests, I'm going to be traveling like crazy. Yeah, you have a really, really big skill. It's a little frightening, actually. Yeah. Thank goodness for air travel. Yeah. I'm going tomorrow to Miami. Hmm. I was just I was just there. By the way, it's terrific. It's terrific to have the Cuban coffee. You ever get those? I would love to say I would love to see you on a on a colada, which is sort of the double espresso. I'm happy to try it. I'll do it. So I'm going to Miami tomorrow. I'm speaking at a thing. By the way, everybody who wants to know my schedule to want to know if you can come to one of these events, go to Eric metaxas .com. Eric metaxas .com has my speaking schedule, or if you want to invite me, whatever. But so I'm going to Miami this week. Next week. I'm going to California. Um, there's a TP USA faith pastors conference in San Diego. I'm gonna be speaking at that. Then I'm doing a big event at the Nixon library. Uh, very excited about that. So I'll be there in California next week. And then it gets really crazy. I'm going to Iowa. I'm going to Dallas. I'm going back to Los Angeles. I'm going to Michigan Grand Rapids. Just it goes on and on and on and on. Wow. So So people say to me, Hey, Eric, what do you do for fun? The only thing I do for fun, probably is at the end of the day, when I'm exhausted, we, we what we tend to watch classic films. Oh, yeah, yeah, those are good. And Suzanne and I discovered I mean, this is the good news with like Apple TV. It's like you can find some stuff because a lot of times Turner classic movies, which I recommend, does not have something that I want to watch. They'll sunset that's the term they'll sunset movies and titles sometimes they'll have licensing for a little bit and then it kind of goes away. So it might have been there at one point. Yeah, you know, well, Turner classic movies, I mean, generally, I recommend it. But if you can't find a classic film there, like last night, they were running, you know, in the eight o 'clock hour, they were running a documentary about, you know, maybe with Fred Astaire, or Bob Hope. So and he tended neither of those great actors tended to appear in documentaries on coal mining. So you're stuck. It's hard to dance. So what did we do we found? We found some really cool stuff. But I guess I don't know where you how people find stuff. But we with Apple TV, we were able to discover just a just a trove of films we wanted to watch. So we watched, I don't know that I've ever seen the whole film. But it's one of Hitchcock's earliest films is it's 1935. It's called the 39 steps. Yes, it's a classic film. It's a classic, and it's wonderful. And so we watched that the other night. And all I can tell you is I want to watch it again. Because there's so much good stuff in it. Is it a is it? It's a thriller, right? Well, it's it's a it's a Hitchcock film. It's like a classic Hitchcock film.

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