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You You're against freedom Good morning everybody. We are back. What a weekend. We were in Austin all weekend. But anyways anyways Crazy stuff happening BlackRock increases their Bitcoin exposure But not in the way that everyone thought there was some speculation on the timeline on BlackRock stacking But they are getting exposure in every way possible Recent news shows that they've been buying a bunch of public mining company stocks So we're gonna get into all that news and then of course we just came back from Austin We were in BitBock boom so awesome to see all you guys in the flesh Hang out with Bitcoin family members as I like to call them friends acquaintances new faces old faces It was a great weekend and we streamed the whole thing live on YouTube I think it's on the Swan and the Gary's BitBock boom channel so if you want to catch all that we got it all recorded for you on the YouTube verse, but The reason I bring that up not only because we had a great time but there was another conference that happened over the weekend It wasn't by Bitcoiners though. It was by your favorite central bankers out there in Jackson Hole, Wyoming So I'm gonna kind of contrast the two we have the Bitcoin BitBock boom conference in Austin And then we have the central bankers meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming So, I don't know I thought it's very fitting that the two happen on the same weekend and we'll see the difference between The fiat monetary policy handlers and the Bitcoiners and the energy coming out of there You just love to see the contrast and of course guys also as you can tell I'm hosting the show today I will actually be hosting the show till probably Wednesday Nico has some family stuff that he has to take care of so send some thoughts and prayers over to Nico He will be back in a couple of days, but you guys know the show don't stop This is why we've been doing our best To make sure that I handle the show that we're training our boys Dell and Rustin on the show and we even have some people Coming off on the bench. So shouts out to our boy Mike Hobart Cuz we are making sure that the show don't stop for you guys We will continue to give you guys the signal as you guys know, this is simply Bitcoin We are your number one source for the peaceful Bitcoin revolution We cover breaking news culture and memetic warfare and we bring on Bitcoiners from all around the world from the biggest names to the everyday Bitcoiner we got them all and we will be your guide through the separation of money and state, but of course guys I'm not alone. I'm here with my co -host Dell Dell. How you doing this morning, brother? I'm good, but I got a got to do a quick correction to what you said about that other Symposium the the meeting over in Jackson Hole. You said it wasn't put on by Bitcoiners I'll change that too. It wasn't put on by Bitcoiners yet Yet they will be just joy just wait given enough time Everybody's gonna come around and see the bright orange light of Bitcoin. It's unavoidable Let's go. Alright guys. Well, let's get into the show. We got a lot to cover today The Bitcoin numbers is your Bitcoin in cold storage really secure is your seed phrase Really secure stamp seeds do -it -yourself kit has everything you need to hammer your seed words into commercial grade Titanium plates instead of just writing them on paper. Don't store your generational wealth on paper Papers prone to water damage fire damage. You want to put your generational wealth on one of the strongest metals on planet earth? titanium your words are actually stamped into this metal plate with this hammer and these letter stamps and once your words are in they Aren't going anywhere. No risk of the plate breaking apart and pieces falling everywhere Titanium stamp seeds will survive nearly triple the heat produced by a house fire They're also crush proof waterproof non -corrosive and time proof all things that paper is not allowing you to huddle your Bitcoin with peace of mind for The long haul stamp your seed on stamps Alright guys, as you know hit the QR code in the bottom and get yourself a seed phrase storage kit Do not leave your Bitcoin seed phrase on paper in your sock drawer Anyways, let's get into some of the numbers here. Of course. We're over here on Clark Moody's dashboard and Our favorite number the block high it keeps going up guys. It's almost like Bitcoin works. It is at eight hundred and five thousand one hundred 82 for the new all -time high of block height the current Bitcoin price is twenty six thousand one hundred and twenty dollars guys We're still in the 26k range Which means you have an opportunity to stack more sets than we did what two weeks ago? Which means the Moscow time aka the sats per dollar aka how much your Fiat dollars worth? It's currently at three thousand eight hundred and twenty Six and I did drop a poll in the chat guys. Are we gonna see 4k sets? I don't know Let's see what you guys think. Let's speculate a little bit in the chat for you guys get you involved Anyways, the total percentage of Bitcoin issued is at ninety two point seven one percent the current market cap in Fiat dollar terms is five hundred and eight point eight billion dollars Bitcoin isn't even at a Trillion -dollar market cap yet. We're a half a trillion Anyways, the realized monetary inflation taking fiat currencies to school was at one point seven five percent and someone asked me on telegram What what does this number mean? It means like even though Bitcoin is hard cap there is a realized monetary inflation until 2140 until the last Bitcoin gets released and That is going to get halved and cut in half in April and actually dealt maybe Can we can we talk about your your dad the little story you just told us in regards to the halving and and this number The monetary or realized monetary inflation. I think this might be an interesting little story, but tldr me I know how you like to talk so tldrs The long and short of it is if you keep on talking To people and you keep on blasting them every time you get on the phone with them about Bitcoin then sooner or later They'll either I guess I guess there's a bit you run the risk of them telling you to never speak again, but Sometimes they might start to see some some of the things they might go. Wait a second so if the halving means that there's less Bitcoin to be found and there's only ever gonna be X amount 21 million and More people want it as time goes on. That means that the price goes up, right? And I'm like like Lavi said that was a tldr of my my conversation with my dad and I said that's exactly what it means There's only so much it's gonna get more and more scarce and the price can only go one way so Yeah, they're waking up. They're be they're noticing people are noticing. Okay last couple numbers We have the Bitcoin verse gold market cap is only currently 3 .96 percent of the gold market cap If you remember gold is I believe around 10 trillion dollars Bitcoin Still less than half a chair above a little more than half a trillion. Anyways, the total lightning capacity is 24 ,746 point nine four BTC the hash rate the last 90 days is 377 point four exa hashes and the pending fees is currently three point one one BTC Okay, guys as I was telling you guys This weekend we had a contrast between two different Conferences we had bit block boom in Austin the Bitcoin maxi conference Well, all your favorite bitcoiners were and we were live streaming from the floor. We were holding down the media desk and we had the central bankers meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and I just I that the irony isn't lost on me that they happen on the same weekend, but you can tell that there is complete difference in Ideologies and the feeling coming out of these conferences and first and foremost I'm pretty sure we played this video for you guys over the weekend on the streams, but I want to play it again Because you can just see not only the hubris of Christine Lagarde, but notice the body language of her Does she really believe what she's saying or is she just saying this stuff just to say it to play the confidence game? And I also got a story or a newsletter article Sorry coming out a couple days later about what was said at the conference And again, we are contrasting this to bitcoins monetary policy because that's what it's all about and remember what Dells dad just said People are starting to wake up. People are starting to notice and they're starting to understand Wow, maybe I want to get some Bitcoin just in case just catches on Anyways, we have a tweet here by Christine Lagarde. She goes hello from the Jackson Hole economic policy symposium I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts and exchanging views with central bankers from around the globe on the very relevant theme of Structural shifts in the global economy Thanks for hosting the event Kansas City Fed. All right, let's just get into this little video notice her body language And what is she even saying here? Anyway, let's get into this to all of you and I would like to share this Magnificent panorama that is behind me. It is the setting of the Jackson Hole conference that takes place every year It is a little bit like the Sintra of the West except it's been around for longer Many central bank governance many academics many experts in monetary policy and on the economy in general Will be gathering for two days and we will talk about the current situation The major shifts that we are seeing the major breaks and how we can best response with good policies That will actually help bring inflation back to 2 % This is the goal. This is the mission. We're not done yet We are working hard But we also have to compare notes and share our views with others so that we can have really the highest level of confidence That we are taking everything into account, but this is a very inspiring place to do it Interesting, okay first and foremost, of course they are still struggling to maintain 2 % inflation rate as we like to call it, you know, the the publicly Acceptable amount a Purchasing power they can steal from you every year is 2 % and they're struggling to get back down as we've been covering for a long time on the show The inflation rate the official inflation rate CPI is nowhere near 2 % It almost got as high as 10 % I think there's somewhere roughly around 3 % right now and they are still working on getting that lower But anyways, let's talk about what they actually talked about or as Christine Lagarde was saying You know share our notes in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, you know It might sound Very very simple very innocent. We're just gonna share our notes so that we know what's going on in the world So we're all on the same page Some might say they're conspiring but hey, let's not go down that path Okay We're over here on Bloomberg and we have an article here and it goes at Jackson Hole post inflation challenges vex central bankers and the subtitle Is pledge policymakers to keep rates high until inflation is tame as you can tell the theme is inflation is not tamed Anyways, let's get into this article and I will jump back and forth on a few different articles from Bloomberg and then of course I am going to angle this in regards to Bitcoin and Bitblock boom that we just all were hanging out with over the weekend in Austin so the world's top central bankers stress the need to keep interest rates high until inflation is contained and Their job harder at an annual Federal Reserve gathering in Jackson Hole Wyoming keynote speeches from Fed chair Jerome Powell and European Central Bank president Christine Lagarde on Friday Laid out the challenges each is facing in deciding if they should extend Historic strings of rate increases that began last year at the same time They offered investors few clues as to whether they would in fact Do so in the coming months and there's a link here and I want to jump on to this other link real quick Because of course as Bitcoiners, we know what our monetary policy is and yet people are still out here Waiting for the people in suits to tell them what is happening with their money Anyways, what are these clues that they're talking about? So Powell has bond traders right where he wants them full of doubt Interesting interesting as we know monetary policy at least in the fiat world is a game of trust a game of confidence and Playing with that confidence they want you full of doubt so you don't know which way they're gonna go Are they gonna pivot are they you know, they're gonna lower rates.

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