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If you're feeling depressed or demotivated by this crypto pricing market you're not alone and this is probably going to be the most important show that you're ever gonna have to watch because I'm gonna put it all into perspective for you. A lot of people think that it actually may be about the price but it's actually not about the price because from a price point of view you can argue that we're actually doing okay you know like Bitcoin is still at 26 ,000 if you take where we've come from from the beginning of the year we are still 67 % up which is not bad for a pre -harving year so it's not about the price. What it is it's about the sideways chop movement combined with these ongoing attacks that we have to endure in crypto all the time and if you look at the latest attack that we've got in crypto it's now the SEC actually coming after NFT so it's like it feels like whatever we do whatever innovation we make whatever we try and and come up with the SEC just comes out and attacks us and you know this is really really really what the depression phase is about it's it's almost like death by a thousand cuts it's not that that quick death where the prices go down but it's actually at this death by a thousand cuts and I saw this tweet over here I'll actually show you this tweet over here so I saw the tweet and it show and it shows us this Wall Street cheat sheet around the altcoins and if let me let me actually make it a bit bigger and you can see but you can see that it feels like we're very very very much now in the sideways slightly going down getting into that depression phase and the problem with this phase is that this phase is like running a marathon this phase is about the fittest survive this is about the people who have the most stamina and most people actually fall out in this phase of the market that's why it's called the depression phase it's a phase that is designed to test your staying power it's a phase that is designed to test your conviction in this market and let me tell you in the last bull market in the last bear market I dropped out towards the end of this phase and was one of the biggest mistakes that I ever made because by the time I got back I got back and I'd missed half the run but lucky I got back in time and I still managed to make some money problem is with this phase that this phase can actually last very very very long in fact if we look at the last time that this phase happened I saw a tweet here let's actually look at where this tweet is that it could take up to 400 I will look at it during the show but it could take up to 400 days for this phase to pass it's really gonna be a big test it's important that if you are feeling that way if you are feeling like you're losing a bit of interest this is the show that you actually want to watch this is probably the most important show that you ever that you that you're gonna need that we've made at this time and I like this tweet because what this tweet says it really summarized says says time -based capitulation is now in full effect no new inflows daily addresses are stagnant developers are capitulating NFTs are trending to zero the only true believers the patient and the redacted remain this is the actual opportunity zone but today is gonna be about capitalizing on the actual opportunity zone and making sure that we don't capitulate that we don't land up like all the other channels I'm gonna show you a lot of a lot of the things that I've done I'm gonna show you a lot of the things that I'm looking at that keep me motivated to be here to be making content every single day so let's do it guys and let me know in the comments what you're feeling let me know how you feeling in the comments let me know if you're feeling what I described let me know if you're feeling the effects of the capitulation phase of the depression phase let me know if you wake up in the morning and don't really feel like looking at your crypto let me know if you questioning why you're still around and maybe even looking for other investments or maybe other places to put your money and if you're maybe looking for other jobs I know James and Josh that I know that I know that they're looking for other jobs also because I get I see the internet access and I see that they very much on job sites I saw that James was on some gems are gay porn job site I mean is that what you want to go now bro are you forming a coup I'm gonna be looking for are you gonna do the same thing you're gonna do the same thing that bit boys team did to bit boy I mean I look let's just really talk for two seconds about this whole bit boy thing and we did speak about it yesterday I really feel bad for him because he has spent a long time building something amazing I mean he built 1 .45 million subscribers and I mean his team must have been really really really pushed to get him out I saw that they published a statement yesterday after our show after we broke the news right here on banter we said yesterday BJ investment holdings the parent company of hit network took decisive legal action in removing Ben Armstrong from the company and specifically the bit boy crypto brand this difficult decision is a culmination of a prolonged effort to help in during his relapse into substance abuse as well as the reconcile emotional physical and financial damage he has done to the employees of hit network and bit boy crypto look it seems to me I mean I read a couple of things here the first thing is they had a legal leg to stand on to get him out of the channel which is kind of strange because I would have imagined that he's a shareholder and if he is a shareholder how do you get a shareholder out of the channel like that's quite a big thing I always thought that Ben was actually one of the biggest shareholders in bit boy crypto how do you get a majority shareholder out but if you read between the lines of there obviously it's some legal leg to stand on the other thing is it felt to me or it looks to me like they really really really tried hard to help him and to get him right like a prolonged effort to help in during his relapse into substance abuse as well as to reconcile the emotional physical and financial damage done the other thing is that we haven't heard anything from bit boy and usually bit boy is the loudest voice in the shed I've texted him a few times and let me not lie to you and actually just check if he has responded to any of my texts usually he would get back to me very quickly when I when I texted him I think now maybe slightly different could mean that he's in rehab could mean that he's just been told by his lawyers not to say anything maybe listen either way as we said very very very publicly yesterday he came out as I said Ben is not owned by hit Network Ben being the coin or bit boy crypto it is managed by separate entity controlled entirely exclusive are Ben Armstrong and Duchess of DeFi who's Duchess of DeFi let's follow her so that is what he came out and said look we came out yesterday and we said I like the people at bit boy crypto they're hard workers with a great work ethic TJ and all the guys they are very hard workers with with a with a great great great work ethic I really hope they succeed in building the business we will help them wherever we can and one of the things we're actually thinking of doing let me know if you think it's a good idea or a bad idea but to help the guys on the channel because we really want them to stay alive and to survive this so one of the things that we are pushing or what we will do to actually try and help them is we actually gonna have a viewing party where we actually just log on and actually watch their show with our community like we do when we do the FMC so basically we'll just log in we'll create a stream and our stream will actually watch their stream and hopefully that'll give more people exposure to that channel and that will help the channels recovery because I really want to help them as much as I can I really think that these are good people who've really tried hard to build a business and you know addiction is a bad thing addiction is a really really really tough thing and we can't judge someone because they have an addiction I know some people don't understand what addiction is and they think that addiction is just about you know maybe having a bit of an extra drink or maybe taking one extra opioid it's not that it's when you come reliant on it when you become reliant on a substance it's very very very very very hard to get off and we're gonna do whatever we can to help the channel and help them get on their feet we'll even go the extra mile to to do that so yeah so let us know what you think in the comments also listen if you're new to our channel and or if you've come over from the bit boy channel to our channel subscribe to our channel welcome anyone's welcome here I also like this content let me know what you think of my idea to try and help the bit boy crypto team someone says addiction here is tough yeah we're all addicted so someone says have fun storming the car phone we all have addiction we're traders you know it we right we all have addiction we are all traders the problem is that now in crypto we ain't getting our dope immune fix that's the problem here we ain't even you know like we came to crypto because we like volatility we came to crypto because we like action now there's no volatility there's no price action there's pretty much nothing I mean let's look at let's we can look at the bubble so if you look at the bubbles not much happening today pulse down again I'll never I'm never gonna see my money out of pulse Tommy one of our sponsors up ten point three three percent flex is down seventy one percent now I really hope that if you had flex you did swap it for the the open X tokens because as far as I understand if you had flex and you didn't swap it for the open X token that means that your your token is actually now worthless and it is I mean if you didn't swap it is as if today users can no longer convert flex to open X during the token migration over 35 million flex was converted by users issue I have here I think flex is a hundred million tokens in circulations which means that 65 million people sickening supply 100 million 98 million that means that that 65 million token holders didn't actually swap unless that's part of the the company Treasury so as I said look if you look at the bubbles it's getting depressing we came here because Oh Casper's getting to a nice level hold on a second hold on a second whoa whoa everybody hold the phone Wow three point two cents for Casper this is maybe nibble territory this is maybe this is where I would maybe look to start nibbling into Casper maybe after show maybe after show I'll start in the bling into Casper so anyway going back to it and going back to what you said going back to what you guys said is we're all addicts here we come here for the dopamine rush the problem is that now we're not even getting the dopamine rush on the show it's boring there's nobody left here there are no more bulls everyone is bullish everyone is bearish no everyone is gone and that's the truth of it if you look at it everyone is starting to go you got the volatility the Bollinger levels they've been ever this is the lowest the Bollinger bands have been ever ever this means that we're at a point now where the volatility is gone and that is what was keeping us here in the market now the truth is anyone who's been in a market for long enough knows that when the volatility goes when the volatility comes back up there is an explosive move but the problem is will you be around to experience that move which is almost inevitable I'm going to show you why that move is almost inevitable the other thing we're seeing is that searches for crypto have gone down to absolute zero long story short no one's interested anymore people in crypto are starting to pivot out of crypto I even saw my good friend CTO Larson who by the way I love he's starting to make videos on Nvidia you know and and you know James has always made videos about about stocks it just shows that not much going on and as a result of the fact that not much is going on well that's this is this is what what we're dealing with now this is this is what we're dealing what we're dealing with now the volume has gone down to an all -time low I also saw this so the pace of USDC art flows in an average week they issue 1 .1 but they were deeming 1 .4 billion dollars worth of stable coins which means that actually money is actually starting to leave crypto and I'm going to show you in a second where that money is going and why this actually may be a good thing but important for you to note that you know you're not alone here because money is actually starting to leave crypto because I think it's because of the bottom because of the the the the sideways the sideways returns and stuff like that now what you got to know here is is this is the time when champions are made and I want to show you something here so this is the time where I read this tweeted time capitulation is in full effect new no new inflows the daily addresses are stagnant devs are capitulating NFTs trading to zero only true believers the patient and the redacted remain this is the true opportunity zone and what what keeps us here is you've got to have your eye on the prize you have to keep your eye on the prize and say no matter how tough this race is you have to get to the finish line of this race why because you've been here for so long and I'll never forget eight weeks before an Iron Man eight weeks before the Lisbon Iron Man I did I had a phone call with one of my friends I'd never swung before I could hardly run and I was I was quite a good cyclist and I had a phone call with one of my friends and he said to me I said hey what you know what are you doing it's I'm training for Iron Man I said where's the Iron Man he said no the Iron Man's in Portugal in Lisbon I said I'm in I went to a swimming teacher and I jumped in the pool swimming with my head out the water swimming teacher says to me I said can you have me ready in time for Iron Man she said yeah definitely I can have you ready in time for next year April which is the Iron Man in South Africa she said no I said to her no I said the Iron Man is in eight weeks she looked at me said you got no chance truth is though kept my eye on the prize trained and trained and trained and got to the race now as I arrived at the race in Portugal my wife phoned me said I'm going into labor with you with you she was in South Africa I was in Portugal my wife phoned me said I'm going into labor my son was about to be born I probably shouldn't have gone away because my wife was due that week and there was no way I could get back so I said to go to the doctor and tell the doctor to keep the baby in somehow what she basically did anyway the next day was Iron Man it was the hardest race of my life I was completely completely completely unprepared but what did I do I just focused on the prize I just focused on finishing the race getting the medal getting home and and and and going to watch my wife give birth and actually here is just to show you actually I'm not around a motorcyclist but I actually did manage to keep my eye on the prize and actually managed to finish the Iron Man and it was not a great time with six hours and 40 minutes but I managed to do it I managed to do it and I had to wear that those lycra's and shit like that so I guess the what separates the the boys from the men what separates the real athletes from from those who can't run and can't do anything else is the ability to keep the eyes on the prize and block out the noise in this time and if you look at who's actually keeping the eyes on on on the prize I read this tweet over here which is hearing rumors of pessimism creep into the market and certainly feeling it with friends that I speak to just a friendly reminder that the largest asset manager on earth are fighting to front -run each other on the ETF approvals for the spot Bitcoin ETFs and futures -based ETH ETFs you've you've just had validation the validation you dreamed of for years with respect to TradFi embracing fully the crypto future without even inclinations to embrace token with even inclinations to embrace tokenization of equities commodities and other sectors TradFi has never been more bullish whilst those who are crypto natives have never been more bearish now TradFi know how to keep their eyes on the prize BlackRock know how to keep their eyes on the prize they know that this is just a function of cycles and in a cycle you're gonna get ups and you're gonna get downs and unfortunately now we're going through a bad part of the cycle we're going through a bad part of the liquidity cycle and I'll show you in a second how that is how that is is affecting you but what what you can see here is you can see that what these guys are doing in the background is they are actually buying the miners okay so BlackRock is passively buying up miners for their index futures funds on behalf of clients because BlackRock is I think the was it the fourth BlackRock is a shareholder in four out of the five largest public crypto miners and I think it's the number two shareholders yeah BlackRock is ranked number two shareholder now ask yourself a question is BlackRock buying these mining stocks to flip them or is BlackRock buying these mining stocks on behalf of their clients because their clients are bullish on the future of Bitcoin it's exactly that their clients are bullish on the future of Bitcoin and that is why BlackRock is taking the opportunity to fill up their bags at a time like this so these guys are experts at keeping their eyes on the price now how long is this is this depression phase gonna last bad news is this depression phase may be like the Ironman that I ran six hours and 40 minutes of hell on the road okay I'll tell you one of the stories I finished this the swim I finished a cycle after the cycle you got a 21 kilometer run so you've just cycled for four hours or three and a half hours and then you've swam for 38 minutes and now you get out and you got to start running it was hot and I was running and there were a lot of supporters in Lisbon in Cascais and they started pouring water on us because I wanted to keep us cool but the water was going into my shoes and I was getting blisters I was getting bad blisters now imagine it's your first half Ironman you're running you're getting blisters it's the worst day of your life it is the longest race of your life now that is where we at at the moment this thing can last long I mean I went back to see how long this period was in the previous in the previous market and here it is if you take the top to the next time we breach that high 491 days it took 491 days okay now look maybe we've maybe we've we've we've got less in fact if you look at at this thing over here he says if we were to do the same thing we still need to go for 384 days to create a higher macro high and break 31 ,000 for good now I think that that's the worst case scenario I think that the markets changing the market structures changed but I mean you've got to keep your eyes open you got to keep your your eyes you got you got it make sure that you have enough enough gel packs and make sure that you have enough food and whatever else you need to go that distance and look maybe we go that distance maybe we don't go the distance but regardless make sure that you guys are packed make sure that you have whatever you need to actually run the dress we'll be here running with you well we will as a community we will all run together and when one of you feels one of you feels like like you're falling out we will all help you get back we will push you we will carry you we'll put our arms around you we'll walk with you we'll make sure that as a community we all get to the end of the race that's for sure we're gonna be a it's not about winning the race yeah it's about making sure we all get through this race together so that's it as I said there's a big boys the guys that are race fit the guys that have done a hundred Ironman because one thing one thing I saw when I was doing the Ironman is there's a big difference between people like me who came for the first time and people that have done this a million and one times the people that have done this a million one times they run and they look super relaxed and they smiling at everybody people like me who haven't done this before I was suffering I kept looking at people thinking am I gonna collapse is he gonna collapse is everyone around me those that had actually run the race many times those that were experienced they were smiling they were having a good time they knew exactly what was it and that's exactly what's happening here with Blackrock that's exactly what's happening here with all the the investors for me for you for everybody else here for every for all of us this is our first Ironman race this is the first time that I've seen contracting liquidity and increasing liquidity I didn't pay attention to liquidity increasing global liquidity increasing you you didn't pay any attention to global liquidity increasing but there are people that have done many many many of these races and they have been paying close attention to these liquidity cycles for a long period of time and they know that this is exactly a part of the liquidity cycle right now global liquidity is down when global liquidity is down and risk assets go down that's what it is there it is you can see it over there they also know that liquidity is a function exactly a function of Bitcoin is exactly a function of global liquidity here is US financial liquidity regimes and here is the price of Bitcoin the red indicates decreasing liquidity the green indicates increasing liquidity it's simple liquidity Bitcoin risk assets crypto is a function of liquidity right now global liquidity is decreasing because the u .s.

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