A highlight from #433 Carl Osburn People of Divine Naples The BEST Barbeque Master in SWFL that been rubbing the meats over 20 years with secret spices, love and gentle hands. His KNOW HOW brought lot of people together around his Table with slab of ribs. THANK YOU CARL


Welcome to another podcast episode named People of Divine Naples, today you will hear an interview that was done on the very beginning of our Divine Naples podcast, this was the second interview I have ever done in the United States on 14th of January 2018, this interview was never published but for many reasons today I have to bring it to your ears, you will hear voice from my dear friend for 22 years, my neighbor for 18 years, the businessman that you should have known and the person that will be missed by many, if you are one of them you will always find his voice here speaking, enjoy the show. Hello all divine people, welcome to episode 433 named People of Divine Naples, I have the great pleasure to welcome person that decided to dedicate his 22 years of passion for people, he enjoyed to make them happy through taste buds and good vibration, he started experimenting in Naples 2001 with Chicky Hut where he blended in community immediately, after that he opened best rated and most successful barbeque restaurant in South West Florida, Black Eyed Pick and he built from scratch Franklin Social, here is one and only Carl Osborn. Hey Rich, how are you today? I am doing great, good to have you, you are comfortable? Yeah, oh good. Yeah, and our bar is serving good? Yeah, beer is good, check that out. We like to have interviews relaxed so we are prepared with whatever you wish as drinks, so if anybody want to come over and do the interview, so make sure we get the right information. So you are sitting here in a very humble studio, I hope you are feeling comfortable and good, whether it is cold outside, it is good, probably a good time to maybe do barbeque, a lot of people maybe do barbeque because it is Sunday today and you have been doing this for 15 years, isn't it enough of barbeque right now, you still going to continue? Yeah, we are just getting on a good roll right now, we are actually at the restaurant, we are in year 10 right now, but I had 5 years prior doing outside stuff. The question was, you know, if you still like it. I still like it, I love barbeque. That is good, let's just tell everybody what is the name of your restaurant, where you are located, so we can start with that and let's just roll. We are at the Black Eyed Pig Barbeque, it is 5307 Shirley Street in Naples, just off Pine Ridge Road between Airport or Naples Boulevard and Goodlett Road. It is hard to find, so you guys have to get on that road and it is a very short distance from Pine Ridge and you will see from a long way the pig eye, the design on the building. So it is barbeque with a big pig face. Yeah, it is a very inviting pig face. I wanted a big pig to put on top, but they won't let me do that. Oh really? Yeah. But you can smell it from a long distance. Yes. All right, you end up in Naples when? When did you come here? 2001, came down from the Orlando area. Oh really? So you lived in Orlando before? I did, I came to Orlando in 1986 with the Olive Garden. Oh really? So I didn't even know that. I know you for a long time, I didn't know you were in the Olive Garden. I was with the Ruby Tuesday prior for four years and came with the Olive Garden in 1986 to Orlando when they had four restaurants I think. So there is a long way, you are the expert in restaurants, you picked up a lot of practice there. Yeah, I've had a lot of practice closing restaurants and opening restaurants and lots of employees. So you know how to do it? Yes, absolutely. And you know there is a reason for probably keep it on the size you have it because it's very limited on seating, it's very limited with employees, so you can focus on the quality and there is probably, the end is, you've been voted, as many people say, the best barbecue in Naples, so what is the special on that? Well, we decided in the beginning, the building was a breakfast lunch restaurant when we bought it and I've never been open for dinner, so we started opening lunch and dinner and we got rid of everything that we don't do, we got rid of salads, so we're basically just barbecue. If you smoke it, we got, so we just sell what we do. We don't try to be everything to everybody, we do barbecue, that's it. That is very simple? Yes. And you do the hot sauces? Everything is yours? Homemade sauce. Recipes? Everything. Really? I just have to tell everybody who is listening right now, we don't talk ordinary barbecue one like you can buy in the Costco and you roll it out at your parking lot, load it in your SUV, this is serious business. Your barbecue is probably 10 times maybe more bigger, now you bought another little barbecue I would say, right? Specialty built for you, for your business? Yeah, we've got a competition smoker now that we're going to start with this spring, but we use it on a lot of caterings. But going back to the recipes, I've got a great friend of mine who I met here in my first business venture here in town, which is a little bar, he's from Oklahoma and his family has been in business since 1930 in the barbecue business. So a lot of my recipes came from him, so they're well tested, they've been there 85, the one on 88 years now. So, would you say this is like Saturn taste or what is this exactly? Well, Oklahoma, it's a dry rub, everything's dry rub and hickory smoke. Never baked, never boiled, it's just smoked. How many hours do you have to smoke like ribs? Ribs are around three and a half to four hours depending on the size. We do baby backs and St. Louis as well. St. Louis are the ones that came out of Oklahoma, we kind of threw the baby backs in for the East Coast kind of people. And what's the best seller? They sell about equal, we sell a couple of hundred racks of each a week, we have 35 seats, so we stay pretty busy. I think you did really well when bikers start showing up because they love the type of food and I think there's always a lot of bikes on your parking spaces. There's a lot of bikes, there's a lot of guys, golf outings, we always get the guys, we're a big guy hanging out for lunch and then they all bring their wives at dinner. Okay good, so you do what, I mean you do pick, you do chicken, you do sausages, just tell us a little bit. So everybody who's listening, their mouth is already watering right now. We do pulled pork is our specialty, we call ourselves home to pulled pork.

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