Kyle Mills on New Vince Flynn/Mitch Rapp Thriller 'Oath of Loyalty'


Call mills, let's start about with placement. I always talk to my thriller writers about where they begin and where they Uganda and South Africa play big roles here. It's South Africa is familiar to Mitch rap readers. Why you ganda? Why are we in Uganda at the beginning? This is where one of the characters lives. And I like the idea of it because it's really off the map in a sense of if you really wanted to get away from everything and get away from any threats to you. That's a nice place to be because there aren't very many agencies that have a lot of capability there. It's a little more chaotic. The other thing you have to think about now when I'm writing is cameras, you know, it's extremely difficult to operate somewhere like London or Beijing or many countries Saudi Arabia that you're not constantly on camera and being analyzed by AI. Yeah, and what's interesting is when Mitch goes back to his house for the first time, he doesn't even trust his own personal network security, even if it's built into the walls. He has to have a bunco hole. He's got to be able to get away from his own house, even though he's built fortress Mitch rap. But that is, I think, a good caution to everyone. Did you talk to security experts about this? Oh, yeah. Well, the time. Yeah. It's hard to keep up with because the technology just moves among almost monthly. The capabilities of it.

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