So What Was the FBI Looking for at Mar-a-Lago?


Look at the documents, right? That's where we're being told now, hey, hey, hey, it's all documents. Okay. 30,000 plus emails acid washed because they all related to wedding plans and yoga. Oh yeah, that's fine. No worries, don't though it's okay. She wasn't even the president, right? Well, don't worry about it. Barack Obama leaves with millions of pages we're told. Of documentation. No worries. And in fact, do you remember what we were told at the time when it all started coming about? Everybody was telling us, you know, the president is the one who declassifies material. Now what's really odd about this, I didn't know that. I'd like to think I'm fairly well informed, but I didn't know that. And I can remember, as it was being reported, sort of kind of. And I am making those annoying Eric quotes when I say report it because believe me, it wasn't covered extensively. But there were some minor reports like, oh, yeah, well, you know, it's actually the president, the president could look at a piece of paper going up, it's now declassified, because I said so. Okay. So it's what it's dinner menu, it's cocktail napkins. It's golf balls. Oh, and nuclear weaponry information. Seems like an odd thing to put together, but all right, how do you launch nuclear weapons from Mar-a-Lago would be one of my questions? And I'm very serious about that. What does this have to do with anything? Well, here's what it has to do with. It has to do with what president Trump said a long time ago. Made very clear, hey, they're not after me. They're after you. I just happen to be standing in the way. I believe that. I believe that completely.

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