Charlie Pierce Believes the FBI Must Have Inside Information on Trump


The thing is. I honestly believe all of those people, they don't know what the FBI grabbed. Right. I mean, they don't, I mean, Jim Jordan doesn't know what they have. They're way out on a limb. He doesn't know what they have. Yeah. That's the thing. But again, I mean, I go along with all of the FBI law enforcement types who say there is no federal judge who ever lived, who signs off on this warrant, unless it's absolutely. Yeah. They've got somebody saying something. Not just suspicions of what may are the fact of the national archives is pissed. I love the national archives and I think that people work there are wonderful, but that's not enough to get a federal judge to sign off on a warrant either. Yeah. We were saying with eastman and Clark, they were saying what it takes to get a warrant to get a raid on attorney like that. But you're right. For the former president, I mean, I think. If I were king of the forest, I would be very interested in what pat cipollone is always already told.

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