Rep. Scott Perry Says FBI Seized His Cell Phone


So what's an extinction burst here The FBI is now kicking the soda machine because they put in a dollar and they start and they were expecting some kind of reward from the media Be celebrated like American heroes What happens Universally across the aisle everybody now knows the FBI is an activist political group Everyone even the lefties who are quietly hiding it as they can use them as tools Everyone knows it So they're in this now mad extinction burst What did they do Fox News Trump allies got Perry he's a congressman says the FBI sees the cell phone one day after the Mar-a-Lago rate Folks they can't stop Now they know They know they are in deep rhymes with hit They know it They know it now They know the Republicans are now almost definitely going to take back the house May take back the Senate They know they're going to get dragged up there And every question under the sun is going to be subpoenaed they know now there's precedent by the way for locking people up if they ignore congressional penis there's going to be demands for documents The bureau now knows they are in deep stuff You know what I mean So they are desperately trying to scare the living out of anyone who has any connection to Trump with any power at all That's why they went after Scott Perry's phone yesterday

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