Ric Grenell Discusses Brittney Griner and Prison Transfers


Rick walk us through how prisoner transfers usually usually work. Brittany griner goes to Russia with drugs, shouldn't have done that. She's a fellow American despite the fact she hates America. She kneels during the national anthem. Under a normal administration, I believe Britney would already be home. We saw that with the ball brother with Lamar, I get them all confused. When Trump got these prisoners home, but now it seems as if we're doing this elaborate prisoner swap with the merchant of death, how do prisoner swaps usually work and why is this so outrageous what we're entertaining right now? Well, I think the first thing to say is that the State Department has a whole bureau that deals with this detained Americans. And you know, it's a very, very slow process. If you commit a crime in another country, we usually let the other country kind of go through the machinations of its illegal process. We demand access, there's consular affairs individuals, Americans working overseas in the embassies who will go see the Americans detained. It's a very slow process and we try not to jump forward on legal processes. But there are times when detaining detained American is so outrageous that the political types and usually the NSC or The White House jump in and say this is unacceptable. We're not waiting. We're going to get you home

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